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Quick tips on succeeding in sales and the art of selling.

Updated on January 3, 2012

As the late Steve Jobs once said, "if you truly enjoy what you are doing, you will succeed". Succeeding in sales isn't just knowing everything you could possibly know about the product or service you're selling, or competing with a better price, it's various elements that once combined, create the powerful effect of buying.

With the internet search sites readily available at everyone's finger tips, they don't need you as the sales person to explain about the product or service you're offering, they already know. Of course, you have to have somewhat of a good understanding in case they ask but most buyers are merely looking to build a relationship with a trusted source to buy from, this means that your job isn't truly selling but it's assisting the customer to reach the goal they already set out to achieve, which is buying.

It is important to qualify the buyer; two key people that will help you achieve your final goal are the decision maker and your champion. If you are not dealing with the decision maker, you're pretty much wasting your time, having a champion means having someone on the buying side that truly likes your product or service and would assist you in highlighting the positives.

Here are some quick tips I learned over the years- 

"Shut mouth, open ears" Listen more than speaking - Most sales people ramble on and on about what they're selling, forgetting along the way to listen to what the customer is truly looking for, thus forgetting to even mention the things the buyer is looking to hear before they make a final decision, translating into lost sales.

Honesty is the best policy - Do not lie, it will come back to haunt you, it takes months to build relationships and seconds to destroy them; your integrity is the best sales tool.

Don't make promises you can't keep - Making empty promises will destroy your integrity, not only with this buyer, but with any future buyers they might have referred to you. Remember, bad news travels faster than good news.

Be yourself at all times - Most people like dealing with easy going, honest, funny people, not stiff, boring, robotic human beings. Always prepare yourself by remembering that they are human too. There's no need to be nervous or feel intimidated.

Don't be pushy - You cannot sell anything to anyone that is not willing to buy, if you are pushy, the worst occurs, even if they were willing to buy, they will change their minds once you start to add pressure. Slowly guide them to their final goal of buying.

Closing a sale without lowering a price - Your attention should be focused on the added benefits you offer to the service or product you are selling, your job is to translate those benefits into dollars, this will assist your buyer in realizing the money they will be saving by choosing you. Most buyers always push you to lowering your price; your job is to help them realize that what you are selling is not a product or service but the added value that comes with your product and service. That added value has a price, help them identify what it is currently costing them by not having the added values you offer and how much they will be saving once they do.

First, it's important to sell something you truly enjoy, believe in or passionate about. Enthusiasm is quite contagious, second, know your competition and identify what makes you different (added value), finally, hold your buyer's hand through the buying process and help them reach their goal of buying, which naturally and automatically translates to you being an excellent seller.


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