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How to turn selling business into magic

Updated on May 7, 2012

This hub will be some kind of a review of a book by Frenk Bettger, a successful insurance salesman with “rags to riches life story” who lived in the first part of 20-th century. The book is called “How I raised myself from failure to success in selling” and is an autobiography of some kind, in which he describes his past experiences and what he had learned from them. Also, while this hub might be useful to an actual salesman, it might make a regular hubber to think about his goals and to learn something about his job because I will briefly compare messages in this book to a daily experiences of a hubber, especially those who are at the very start of this writing business.

Lets skip to some practical advices, since I presume you are here for them in the first place.

1. The most important thing to know about being a salesman or a hub writer whose earnings depend on AdSense clicks is to be enthusiastic, always! How do you achieve that? Well, trying hard to do things with enthusiasm will make you feel like that! Nobody is born that way, it takes practice like everything else, like every job takes practice to get good at it. Writing also. You should write as many articles as you can, because there is greater chance for you to be seen. The number of articles is in direct proportion to success, as Frenk would say: the number of visits I make each week determine my success rate – at first I was not making enough visits and made no money, but later, after making myself to go out and visit people, for each visit I got 40$ on the average, and that is not a bad start! Organization of your time is also a big issue: you might think you cannot succeed because your time is unorganized and you also think that you would be unhappy if you start living by the schedule – but you are not aware that you already are living by the schedule, even if you watch TV for days, play games – it is schedule, but the question is – does this schedule benefit you?

2. The most important thing about selling is to know what people want to have and help them get it! There is only one way to make people buy something from you and that is – to make them wish for it! There is no other way! You can threaten them with a gun, you can steal them money, but those things are illegal – the only legal way is to make them want to buy something. And how do you do it? Well, for example, you need to show them what is that they wish for and then help them get it! Also, while hubbing, you should SEO your hubs because people will search for things they want and will find you, thus increasing your traffic. But, if you are like me and if you like writing for the sake of writing and not for the sole purpose of getting rich, then there is other method that is not SEO but more subtle – you need to get into people’s thoughts on a deeper level, to know what ills people because it ills you too, to know humanity as such. Who knows, sometimes even that criticizing and all might get you somewhere.

3. Asking questions is a good way to keep up with your customers. It helps you in numerous ways: helps you evade discussions, helps you to not talk too much, in crystallizing your customer’s thoughts, and gives you customer a feeling of self importance which is also important for you. Also, remember to be a good listener! People like good listeners. There are many salesmen who did not succeed on the long run because they were talking too much, and nobody likes that kind of people, honestly! We at hubpages like to read others work, comment it, then read comment on our stuff and reply. It is a healthy relationship, and spontaneous one too.

4. Earn others’ trust. But you shouldn’t do it by persuading them, no, the true test is about your beliefs – do you really believe that your work will succeed? Do you believe in writing? Many older hubbers acknowledge that it wasn’t easy for them at the beginning, but they continued writing for the sake of it, because they love writing, they believe in it! So, it should be with other stuff you want to do and build your career on it! It is also important not to stop in your self-development – this is of highest importance to people who depend on their own for their money – writers and salesmen are similar in that! Always advance, be smart, be sharp minded, be in touch with modern world! Do not ever forget to praise your opponents. Now, we at hubpages are not “opponents” in any way, but we never lack praising others and positively commenting other’s work. That is a plus, we are like some spontaneous community which consists of good people who can see your worth! But, do not get relaxed too much. You always must present yourself in the best edition possible, so give your best!

5. If you are scared, admit that. Now, there is not much reason to be scared when you write for hubpages, because it is the Internet, nobody really knows you, comments are great, no one can harm you. But there are a lot of people, including myself, who were scared to write their first hub thinking about what will other people think of it! Even if I had an experience of talking in public radios, it was still tough. But I admitted it – well, not then, but now I admit it to you, earlier I did admit that to myself. If you are a salesman and you need to talk to important people, admit them you are scared of the conversation, be completely honest! People like to know you are scared of them, so they might lower the ball then. And the conversation will be much easier. I tested this on my college professors and it was swell!

6. Leave an impression. This works for both hubbers and salesmen. You must make them remember you by something they were impressed by that came from you. It is easy if you write good hubs that are notices. So he might share your texts on his pages and you will get more new views and the most important – more new readers. Simple and honest.

7. Very important – practice! Practice the conversation if you are selling something, practice writing if you are a hubber or blogger. Practice does not make things perfect, because nothing is perfect, but it makes you closer to perfection. Judging by my personal experience: during a period of not practicing to write, or, not writing/typing at all, during a period of lethargy, my language skills dropped. Since I began writing again I notice my wording to have become more fluent, and it seems much easier for me to write! I does not matter what am I writing about, and I still have problems with quick translation of my thoughts to English (which is not my mother tongue although I can express myself through it), but practice did have some results. Good results. You can practice in solitude, writing poems that have no worth, or essays that lack common sense, but later, when your opinion gets shaped – you will be ready to write good articles with less time spent composing them!

After all these steps learned and applied, your writing or selling, or any business can be turned into magic. The magic will appear the same moment when you notice that you are doing it with great ease and succeeding. It will be a sort of “flow” as described in some positive psychology theories – you do hard work, but with ease and enjoy it. Enjoy the flow when it comes to you, embrace it because you achieved it with your honest work! At the end, I almost forgot the book: it is a nice and interesting read, it is inspirational and you can always try to apply some of these things, knowing that there are simple people like you , who have succeeded in this world!


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