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How to work during your lazy time?

Updated on April 28, 2015

Tips on how to hide to your boss your lazyness

Take note: I created this hub to inspire others not to demoralize them. I am not lazy worker too. I just wanna share about being lazy while in your actual work hours. Here are some points that you might find it interesting. You wanted to work but there are some times that you are that lazy. You have two things to do if you feel laziness in the morning.

  1. Take a leave of absence that means you are not going to report for work. You have to contact by phone to your boss that you are not feeling well. You need to take a rest.
  2. Report for work but do not do your tasks.

If you choose the second, you have to consider the following:

  1. At the start of the day. Around 8:00am to 8:05am, take a slow walk to your table. Leave your things there and go to the pantry.
  2. Around 8:06am to 8:20am, you are already in the pantry. Take a sip of coffee. Feel the aroma of your coffee for fifteen minutes.
  3. Around 8:21am up to 9:30am, go to your desk. Open your computer and open some emails, either personal or official. Just read it.
  4. At exactly 9:31am, go back to the pantry and try to look for some food to eat. You will stay in that place up to 9:45am.
  5. At 9:46am, you are now going back in front of your computer. Continue surfing the net. Explore your social media accounts. In order to get check by your boss, open one document from your harddrive and make a move that you are exploring your document when your boss approaches you. Be sure to minimize your online activities when the boss tries to talk with you. You will explore he net up to 12:00nn.
  6. You are now ready for lunch up to 1:00pm.
  7. At 1:01pm up to 1:15pm take a small walk to the comfort room for your teeth brushing activity.
  8. At 1:16pm up to 1:20pm, take a small walk again up to your desk. And then sit.
  9. Shut down your computer pretending that your machine accidentally shutting down. It will take you 5 minutes to open again your computer.
  10. Then open again another document for your pretending work task in your computer. Open another site to explore up to 3:00pm.

You still need two hours before finally saying the end of your work hours. Here are some ideas to continue.

  1. At 3:01pm, your tummy is now hungry again, go back to the pantry and look for some foods or take a sip of coffee. Do that up to 3:15pm.
  2. At 3:16pm 4:30pm explore your pretend document activities in your computer.
  3. At 4:31 up to 4:50pm, fixed some paperworks at the top of your table.
  4. At 4:51pm fixed your bag and in about 10 minutes, you are now ready to go home.


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