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How to work effectively at work?

Updated on July 30, 2010

 There are many ways to perform effectively  well at work and make each day productive and enjoyable.

Here are a few of the useful tips you can employ at the workplace:

1. Start the day right by keeping a positive attitude and mind set. Wake up refresh, ready to start the new day ahead.
2. Present yourself properly. Wear clean, appropriate and descent clothing.
3. Be at least 15 minutes earlier to arrive in the office before the official work timing starts.
4. Be courteous to all colleagues and bosses.
5. Organize your work area. Clean unnecessary clutter and arrange document files.
6. Organize your task lists for the day. Check specific tasks on urgent priority basis and addressed them accordingly.
7. Always keep a calendar of important appointments and reminders.
8. Never miss deadlines of important report submission and meetings. In case of delay, inform the necessary channels for the reason of such delay and when is the anticipated completion of task assigned.
9. Always keep a Work Update Report for you and your boss reference of your work performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
10. Learn to segregate between home-related and work related issues. Employ proper time allocation.
11. Get a concise and clear task assignment from boss. In case of doubt, never hesitate to ask for clarifications to avoid mistakes.
12. Allocate personal phone calls during break time. When at work, keep mobile phones on minimal volume not to distract other colleagues.
13. Avoid office gossips. Rather focus on how to accomplish your work properly as per your company standards.
14. Never be afraid to suggest ideas to superiors that are beneficial to the growth of the company. That way your boss can see your work potentials and areas of improvements.
15. Avoid having trouble with difficult colleagues. As much as possible, learn to work in a pleasant way in spite of individual differences.
16. Organize both printed and digital files for easy archive and reference.
17. Always keep a log report of tasks completed.
18. Maintained a proper filing systems of all important documents in the office.
19. In case of any problem, never hesitate to discuss it with your boss appropriately.
20. Aim to perform well at work according to your company standards and expectations.

Enjoy working and hope you find above tips and advices useful enough to perform well at work!


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    • profile image

      AJAY NAYAK 4 years ago

      ajay nayak : Very Very Useful Tips to get success & to get promotions.

    • profile image

      Anuradha 5 years ago

      Nice tips .....

    • profile image

      karthick Ponraj 5 years ago

      Clear and Simple.


    • profile image

      n64 6 years ago