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How to write and make money from Yahoo! Voices if you're not from the U.S.?

Updated on June 30, 2014
Yahoo Voices!
Yahoo Voices! | Source

You can still write and get performance pay

As a non U.S.or U.K. citizen, you'll not be eligible to earn upfront payment for your articles on Yahoo Voices(formerly known as Associated Network). However, your articles will be considered only for performance pay. This means you'll be paid a sum depending on the traffic to your articles. This practice of Yahoo is quite similar to many other revenue sharing sites like the Hub pages, Squidoo or Triond.

Yahoo's rate chart

Yahoo is very transparent in its communication. Yahoo has a rate chart which tells you exactly how much you'll make. This will give you a clear idea on much you can earn montly as income from this site. The rate stands at $1.5 to $2 per article for 100 to 100,000+ views.

So as a freelance writer say from India or Philippines, you can publish your content and make money by increasing traffic to your articles.

Rules of the thumb for making money on Yahoo Voices

  • Write as many articles as possible. You can also claim assignments from their Assignment Desk. I'll discuss this in a while.
  • Write frequently
  • Create buzz for your articles through social media. And let Google take care of the rest.
  • Choose your topics well
  • Specialize - write on an area(s) you're good at and become a specialist.

What can you write on Yahoo Voices?

Pretty much everything

You can write about almost anything on Yahoo voices. You can write how-to guides and tutorials, review a product or a movie, share your opinions and experiences, even write fiction and poetry. You can choose from a large selection of topics.You don't have to select one topic, you can write on as many as you want and whenever you want.

5 things to remember

  • Articles must be between 300-600 words.
  • Articles should be original or as the author you'll need to have exclusive rights to publish the article.
  • It must be free of any grammatical errors and written in a conversational tone.
  • You can write on any topic and upload images. Do read their submission guidelines carefully before you submit. You'll need to pay special attention to the formatting bit. Plus, read their image guidelines before uploading images.
  • Your article will go through an editorial review post submission. Once approved your article will appear on Yahoo Voices and you can start earning money based on the number of views.

Regular Articles and Assignment Desk

You can choose to create your own article on a topic of your choice. Or, you can pick assignments from the Assignment Desk. If you pick an article from the Assignment Desk, you'll save time. Because the topic will be provided to you. You'll still need to do research to write the article. Read the instructions before you attempt writing assignments. For writers living outside the U.S., assignments from the Assignment Desk will be eligible only for performance pay.

Is it worth writing for Yahoo Voices?

You'll not make a fortune writing for Yahoo Voices. But you'll get writing practice, visibility and a little money. If you're looking to build your digital presence and are a new writer, you can bank on Yahoo Voices. You can use this publishing platform to share your content and build a readership. It's a dependable place for writers. The brand has a high recall value which is useful when you're providing links to your writing samples and showcasing your work to your clients.

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