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How to write more profitable Hub Articles & Make The Most Out Of Them

Updated on October 17, 2012

If you're struggling to write more hub articles or want to learn a method to making money online easily then you need to read on. It can be hard to come up with new ideas for your hubs or article specially ones that you intend to earn from. Keyword this, SEO that, there's so much that you are supposed to think about when you're writing your articles. You don't have to think about any of that with my method. There are 101 million ways to earn money online and there's always a new fad or trend that you must be taking advantage of, to some extent there are new ways that can make a lot of money but, they usually require a ton of previous knowledge, upfront capital and just as much work as any other method so if you're new to internet marketing just stick with the tried and tested methods. The best methods online to make money are the simplest ones. Article marketing is one of the easiest methods to making money online for the beginner and seasoned veteran, they are a powerful tool to make a lot of money. I'm going to give you my method that has many key features in writing a money making article.

Hubpages is an excellent resource for your online money making venture as unlike many other article submission sites, we can earn from Google adsense, Amazon and we can also post 2 links within our text ( text links are the best at converting so use these for your amazon products ) we can also promote our other hubs. So Hubpages gives us plenty of scope with ways to make money. This method to writing more profitble articles will also work on your website and use with other artciles directories but you may need a website of free blogger blog to tie it all in together.

Writing reviews of products is one of the best ways to write money making articles. The best thing about is that it cuts all the hardwork in keyword research as your title will already have strong keywords in it as you will be writing about a product the brand words will be strong keywords. The word review is a strong keyword also as it attracts buying viewers, yes thats right BUYING viewers if you want to read a review of something you are in the mindset of thinking about buying it. I could go on and on about the different aspects of why review artciles are so good but you don't need to know them all, what you need to do is write them! So you now know one way to write articles that can make you money online.

He's my bit that will get you pumping out those review articles. Whilst you ponder about writing your review articles, more often than not you will be thinking about products that you don't own as you'll want to be promoting products that you can earn a commision on, there are some aspects of this method that you need to think about as it will be difficult to write about something convincingly that you don't own and that is to write reviews on items that are $100 or more as Amazon's affiliate percentage is low and you're going to put in a lot of effort in to reasearching the product to make your reviews genuine, so you might aswell get paid well for them.

The most profitable reviews on the internet are the rich detailed ones and this because the writer has the product. Look at magazines, and TV shows they are given products free because companies know that a well written review will equal thousands of sales and the writer/reviewer can only do that if they have the product and use it. Let's face it we aint gonna be getting nowt for free to review, so what can you do? Buy it. I know what you're thinking "He just told me to write articles on items that are $100 plus " I did but thats on our reviews that we don't own because the articles will require some hard work to get spot on. So here's my twist on writing reviews I call it " I had to have it reviews ".

Review everything you do own, have owned and just bought!!!!!!!! Luckily Amazon is absolutely huge and now attracts private companies that can sell on there, so now the product range is emense. The $100+ rule doesn't apply here with these reviews, because we own it we will be able to write, write and write genuinely and honestly so our effort in writing is less and our conversions will be higher so we can take the smaller commisions per sale. But if you do own $100+ items review them!! chances are Amazon sells it. Own a PS3, just bought a new tele or laptop review it! Now you should also be reviewing things you buy today, new pair of trainers, a game for your computer, watch, jewellery, car wax,new phone, dietry supplement, books anything, it's endless! You will be knocking out article after article as we buy items every single day. This method makes writing new articles easy. If you write a compelling review you will have viewers clicking on your links ( remember, your text links! ) and buying.

As you start to earn from these articles you can start buying products just to simply review this is how the big sites do it. The $100 plus rulecomes back in here too. Buy expensive items from your commisions, this then gives you higher commision payouts and because you now own it you can review it well so you they'll convert. Don't buy items you necessarily want, once you've reviewed it stick it on ebay and sell it and get some of the money back you paid for it if you want but you'll see that your excellent reviews are already paying you back. The money you spend on your review items are an investment. Remember your previous reviews will still be making you money.

If you know someone who is looking for a way to make money online then feel free to send this link or tweet and facebook like it. Thank you, heres to writing more articles!

I'll be writting more hubs on how to write more articles that are in the buyers market, very soon. You'll only be notified of these when they are published, if you follow me which you can do at the top right of this page.


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    • JP993 profile image

      JP993 6 years ago from England

      Thank you for your comment gailalovesbijou.

      Hubpages is great and is great way to earn and learn without having to pay for a website.

    • gailalovesbijou profile image

      gailalovesbijou 6 years ago from Wyomissing, PA

      I'm new at HubPages and also writing for Associated Content. They both offer great ways to make money doing what I love--writing! Thanks for your informative article! I voted up, useful, interesting, and I bookmarked it in my "Learning Center" folder. :)

    • JP993 profile image

      JP993 6 years ago from England

      Thank you for your comment gvannorman150. This is method is a great way to write more articles. It is also a "buying" type article as they will be reviews of products which will help the converting process. Feel free to link back to this hub! : )

    • gvannorman150 profile image

      gvannorman150 6 years ago from Newark, New York

      Adsense is a great way to make money online. I am starting a blog about earning easy money and hubpages will be one of the methods mentioned. If I could I would love to include a link back to this hub as a good method to make money using hubpages.

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 6 years ago

      Interesting and informative article. I have been on HubPages for two years and am still on the fence about signing up with AdSense. I think releasing too much personal info is stopping me.

    • katrinasui profile image

      katrinasui 6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing such useful tips.