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Website Getting Noticed?

Updated on April 23, 2009


Websites today must load quick, look appealing to the user, contain relevant content, but most importantly be found and attract your users’ attention! There are more, but here are 8 areas that seem to be discussed most often in relation to being found.


What makes your site tick more than anything is good, ever changing content!  Content is what drives your website traffic and creates food for hungry content starved spiders and bots. Content binds your well-researched, information and helps your website achieve page ranking and authoritative status. NOTE: With a very academically inclined staff it is no wonder Google loves content. Content coupled with keywords, proper on page design will attract your desirous inbound links.


Another royalty you can’t do without are Links! Focus on building a network of the best quality backlinks for your website using your top keyword phrase(s) and your website name. Only link with sites that can offer you something substantial to chew up on. If it’s not good, don’t bite the bait! Also, don’t over link, you will get penalized by over linking too. The search engines are getting pretty at detecting too much linking as link bloat.


Page ranking, despite what many SEO experts say, are just a small part of your SEO plan, but really page ranking is all in the quality of the link. The ranking algorithm for page ranking is complicated, but the rule of thumb in regards to popularity is that the greater the traffic your off-site link gets the higher your site will rank in the algorithm. BIG VISUAL – for us visual types here is a great link that represents page rank in relation to links,


Stay current by updating regularly. If you want to climb higher on search rankings, make sure your site has fresh and useful content. Using blogging software is a great way to regularly update your website’s content and one of is the best ways to catch the eye of the search engine robot. I recommend both off-site and on site installs for your blogging strategy.


Look for top search phrases instead of single keywords when strategizing about ranking higher in search engines. The search phrases used by people and incorporated in your content (that is, title tag, meta tags, h1 tags, etc.) will make it easier for your website to show up as a relevant search result.


Getting localized is a very important SEO strategy. When developing the content for your site, make sure you keep ‘localization’ in mind. This helps you win users who may utilize a long-tailed search string such as wedding vendors in San Diego, or coffee shops in Phoenix.  The Internet may be world-wide, but my goal is to find a local photographer to meet with at a local coffee shop! SO, we recommend creating state, city even neighborhood specific pages to attract website traffic to your website.


In addition to using relevant title tags, meta tags, h1, h2 attributes and content, we recommend using text links on your website pages if using Java script for image maps, image links, or drop down menu. Spiders don’t follow Java script properly and text links are crucial from a SEO point of view. If your navigation links are images and use the a href attribute, place text links somewhere on your pages as well. One final little secret, use an on page link back, don’t know what that is email me!


Always keep SEO in mind when designing your website. That is, your website designer must be an expert at Organic SEO implementation. They should design a website that doesn’t rely heavily on Flash. Less graphics will give you better crawl-ability, faster page load times that will help to satisfy impatient users and gain you trust from the search engines. This is because search engine robots crawl your text rather than images or Flash.



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    • furdude2 profile image


      7 years ago

      Flash... :( eewww it's neat an all, but takes forever to load :) glad I didn't have to learn it for my Degree (Officially I did but my counselor changed out a few classes they added for some they took out that had been in the program) but I agree informative


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