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Legal Ways to Earn Free Money on the Internet

Updated on October 11, 2012

Legitimate and Different Ways to Make Money Online

You will probably wonder how you can get free money online as a regular income. You probably have been scammed and always failed in your search for true and legitimate work at home programs.

I have been once in your shoes but with my perseverance and experience doing online business and other online opportunities, I was able to point out which are scams and which are legitimate to offer you free money in your spare time or even as regular income. However, I settled for more secure work and writing some hubs once in a while.

There are thousands of scam programs and few are legitimate. To spot which are scam programs, you should remember that they should have forum so that members can interact and ask each other how they are doing and have they been paid? Bear in mind that it is also important to look for physical address of the company and if they have support system in case members encounter problems with them. If they don't have even any one of these, they are probably scam.

Remember also that in joining affiliate programs or other internet opportunities to earn online, you should not give them money because you are the one helping them to have money with your task to be paid to you. It is not wise to join programs that solicit money or charge any fees for its members. It is probably 100 percent scam.

If you are interested to join in the get paid to post program and get paid to blog, membership should also be free and there should be unlimited potential to earn money from participating in discussions and starting a discussions.

It is not easy to reach your target extra income but you can easily earn the minimum payout. Your time and effort plus quality posting is needed to reach the payout. You must adhere to policy and guidelines for posting. You can earn your free money in your free time joining from these programs such as and These two programs have different earning structure but I find that both are legitimate.

A member can earn from posting about $10 to $20 without referrals from mylot. Not bad though than just collecting dust in your computer you just have to be ready to get your fingers sore to death (nyaay!). So I suggest you to get also some referrals to earn more. offers a revenue scheme from google adsense program to all active writers. They introduce some revenue sharing and other ad programs from amazon and ebaydotcom. These are great opportunity for writers who have interesting articles and hubs to share.

Other programs will let you join free but you cannot cash out your earned money if you don't upgrade or if you don't pay membership fee. And if you did pay, they will reset your account to zero to get you started and sometimes you can't still be paid even when you reach minimum cash out. They just suck your money.

Other legitimate programs online are from affiliate programs. You have to learn basic affiliate marketing online first to get you started to earn much bigger income. I recommend reading a lot of articles on SEO and affiliate marketing articles if you are serious. It contained the best articles from the expert about business tips guide and strategies you can use online.


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    • thelatin10 profile image

      thelatin10 9 years ago

      This is a great blog, very informative.... I'm not a writer, but like to be around you guys! :)

      Cheers! :)

    • profile image

      Jack 9 years ago

      There is money online, try to join legitimate affiliate programs. To know it is by visiting forum they have for their affiliate members.

      If you are joining paid to post, mylot is legitimate. I have been paid thrice already...

      Other paid opportunities by using Internet are: Check the site to know how it work.

      You can also get paid to write articles like this site,

    • kashifmahmood profile image

      kashifmahmood 9 years ago from Web

      I agree to this that there should me no joining fee to such sites.If there is a free then that could be another scam site !

    • profile image

      octavio martinez 9 years ago

      I always wondered if it is possible to earn money by just using the net.

      let me know

    • profile image

      Света 9 years ago

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