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How To Improve Communication Skills

Updated on October 22, 2011

Excellent communication skills are a requirement in your private and business days. A number of people are unsurprisingly fine communicators. But you need to give some amount of time to polish these hidden skills and come out as a better communicator.

For each one else, communication is a talent that must be raised from within. If you are among those who are not born communicator then by means of a time and effort, you can easily build up communication skills.

Communication is important even when you have to speak in to you kids or mates to work out problem more effectively. So all you need to do is follow the simple point on how to improve your communication skills.

Thoughts are important

Before uttering any words just think on it. Just make your habit that think before speaking. If you are planning for any presentation, then write down all the important points.

This way you will get an idea that how you would present the project in a meeting. Also planning before the presentation would give you a chance to better your communication skills. 

Listening Is vital

When you are sitting in an environment such as class room or an office meeting room you need to be vigilantly listen each and every single word uttering during the conversation or presentation. 

This listening ability will automatically affects your communicating ability, as you will get an idea while listening that how to speak. Never distract your attention toward any other unimportant thing.

Eye contact

Good eye contact will give an impact that you are serious in the ongoing discussion. Communication skills not only are the speaking style of a person, it is actually the whole style of any one’s personality.

So make it as you want to be.  If you are looking all over but in the eyes of your listeners, it will stimulate distrust. This doesn't signify you should begin a staring competition. Just make certain to set your listeners at relieve by holding the look at times.

Speak In Clear word and Tone

Speak slowly in clear words and tone is certainly very important to improve communication skills. Don't smear your words mutually or mutter. Pronunciation should be good. All those people who speak fast usually can’t convey their message; same goes for the people who speak slowly.

So do choose moderate pace and tone while speaking. For sure, when you are in crowd then you should talk louder you would in personal discussion. Your emotions should be reflected in your voice. A monotone approach is not at all suitable in any surroundings.

Always wait for your turn

Whenever you are sitting in a meeting you must wait for your turn to speak. When a person is speaking never interrupt him or her as this will shows how illiterate you are.

A lot of people cut the sentences of the person who is speaking as they already know about that. This is just wrong, be patient while you are in an official meeting and letting him or her to complete. 

Memorize Names

While in a meeting or communicating to some unknown it is good to memorize the names of the people you are talking to. It if good to Sprinkle your discussion by the person's name to which you are communicating.

It might take a small practice if you're not good enough in doing this, but it makes your discussion more special and helps you memorize their name.

Be gracious

A smirk is an attraction, and people are more expected to take pleasure in having a discussion with a person with a smile instead of a person with a frown.

The smile on your face shows that you're interested to paying attention as a frown shows nothing but stay away. So be pleasant while meeting someone, it will also give a charm to your personality. 


No doubt practice makes a man perfect, in every field of life so do in communication skills. You can only better your communication skills by practicing in your daily life.

For building good rapport among the professional or personal life you can easily improve your communication skills by applying some changes in to it. Communication skills are extremely vital and the benefits you gather so many.

For all those people who are searching for opportunities to practice and to improve these skills can now easily get these skills by means of this article. So try to be healthy and positive communicator for the whole society. 

Improving Communication Skills The Easy Way


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    • seek-knowledge profile image

      seek-knowledge 5 years ago from Global Village

      3/5 good effort.

    • profile image

      Amit Lamba 6 years ago

      thanks I Feel better.....

    • ExecResumeGenius profile image

      ExecResumeGenius 7 years ago from Sacramento, CA

      Proper business communication and other means of effectively communicating is so important these days. Nice work and keep up the good work.

    • just jobs profile image

      just jobs 7 years ago

      that is some good basic advice

    • Writer man profile image

      Writer man 7 years ago from Stone Mountain, Ga

      Your Hub is informative but lacks punch in presentation. A good communitor is born; not forged. However, your information can be applied to the molding of a prospective speaker. The video took points away from your piece but never-the-less, a job well done.

    • hassam profile image

      hassam 7 years ago from Pakistan

      Thanks a lot :-)

    • GmaGoldie profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 7 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      Great Hub! The video was not the same quality. The video was helpful but didn't "show how". Practice is the key - be unflappable! Be courageous - as the video stated don't beat yourself up! Wish the video had a presenter with proper body language!

      I love your Hubs - you do a GREAT job!