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Avoiding common Job Hiring mistakes

Updated on March 25, 2012

It's always best to learn from other people's mistakes rather than your own, let's look at some of the most common errors employers make when hiring people.

1. Trusting a Resume

Just because his Résumé looks heavens should never tempt you to make a generous deal. Have at least 3 interviews with the candidate and trust your own instincts and that of your key staff members. Also do more research on the candidate by consulting with people not just the resume referees but all that might know him.

2. Paying too much or too little

Don’t make your employees prove themselves with money, what if your revenue reduces and you need to cut wages?

Paying too little turns offs many, Just negotiate a good deal you can gain from.

3. Putting people in wrong positions.

Before offering someone a Job, do some trials with the person, you might find what best fits him in the process.

4. Hiring a person you can’t fire

Unproductively leads to  loss in revenue and many bad things. Don’t be driven by compassion in hiring , people like your best friend, brother in law, sister should be always kept out(at least).

5. Don’t sign Long term employment agreements.

You might hire someone who won’t meet your expectations. His long employment agreement will make it hard to fire him because it will probably come at a cost.


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    • dexixy profile image

      dexixy 6 years ago from Kampala

      Thanks for taking your time to read and comment

    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Very good hub and interesting, GBY