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How to Get Mad Money Fast: Zero to Low Cost Business Ideas

Updated on April 8, 2014
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With almost 20 years of Internet experience, I can help you find ligitimate ways to get money online and off.

Need to Get Money Fast?

Many of us don't have mad money or a good credit score to risk investing into a home business we saw advertised online. We don't have the time or money it takes to do the market research to start up a digital marketing company to make money online from link dropping and writing articles, nor do we have the time to build up that online income from said digital marketing company. Nor do we have the time to make money online from online surveys, as the truth of the matter is that in order to make money online from online surveys you have to qualify to take the online surveys, and if you're lucky, you will qualify to take a survey a couple times a week and waste the rest your time spent trying to qualify and not get paid for your time. So even though many of us could use some cash, it's more likely that many of us could use to make fast cash, and are desperately looking for some cash cow new business ideas to get money fast. Granted, many new business ideas won't provide you with an instant payday, however, you can still get fast cash by going back to the small business ideas of yesterday that don't require mad money to start up so you don't have to worry about applying for personal loans from a bank or federal credit union.

Looking at the pine trees in my yard, wishing the pinions were ready to roast and eat as they make such a tasty snack and save money for my family by not having to go out and buy potato chips or some other salty snack, some small business ideas of yesterday started popping into my head that I wanted to share with all of you who are looking to get fast cash yet don't have mad money to risk investing or the good credit score to apply for personal loans from a bank or federal credit union to start a business and turn it into a cash cow. So check out my small business ideas below to see if any of these business ideas appeal to you so you can try to make money today.

Selling Products

Many people think you have to have loads of money or personal loans from the federal credit union or bank to sell products, but that is just a myth and doesn't have to be the case. If you can make connections and have a good eye for market capitalization you can sell products to make extra money without putting a hole in your pocket. So keep reading to learn how I bust the myth of you need money to make money as well as another common myth.

Pine trees are money, sell the pinion seeds or sell the deadwood it leaves behind.  Either way is a great way to earn fast money.
Pine trees are money, sell the pinion seeds or sell the deadwood it leaves behind. Either way is a great way to earn fast money. | Source

You know the saying that money doesn't grow on trees? Of course cash doesn't grow on trees, but nuts and fruits do grow on trees and if they are natural and non-gmo there is pretty much a guaranteed market as long as people need to eat. Therefor money can grow on trees just not in the form of cash. Nut and fruit trees or bushes provide a great item to sell to try to earn money fast and all you have to do is gather and bag them, then sell them on the side of the road, flea market, Craigslist, etc.. So if you live in an area where nut trees, fruit trees, or bushes grow wild, you'll have a very good resource to start earning fast cash. Nuts and fruits are not the only food products you can sell without having to have loads of money, you can sell garden seeds, sprouting seeds and edible plants such as fruit trees and bushes as well, especially if they are non-GMO. Non-GMO seeds and plants are a hot item for gardeners and preppers alike, and you can sell them the same way you sell the fruit and nuts.

Animals can also make a great income resource. Granted, you may have to round up the animals when you are trying to show them for selling and they will need to be well taken care of, but they can become that cash cow you've been searching for (no pun intended). If you have a pedigreed animal, purebred animal, or farm animal, you can mate them and try to sell them on Craigslist or other classified lists both online and off. Farm animals in particular may be worth your while as not only can you sell their offspring, but you can save money on grocery items such as eggs, milk, cheese, etc. A penny saved is a dollar earned.

Thrift stores and yard sales can also offer you with great products to sell as you can get the items were very cheap, then find out what they are really worth and sell them for that price allowing you to make a profit. This profit can help you connect with wholesalers who may provide a drop shipping service that you can profit from new products as well. You may also be able to find wholesalers who will allow you to start selling their products for a low start up fee as well as provide drop shipping so that you don't have to have a lot of room to store the products you're selling.

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Scavenge for Money

No I'm not telling you to spend your days walking around hoping to find money on the ground, although I myself have been lucky enough to find a twenty dollar bill once or twice, that's not the scavenging for cash that I'm referring to nor does it make a great small business idea. What I am referring to is looking for items that are available to you for free other then the work you put forth to gather those items, yet you can easily sell them to earn cash. Need some ideas of what to scavenge together and sell so that you can have some cash, maybe even mad money today?

A good resource that you can scavenge together to sell are metals. Copper, whether it's wire from broken appliances or sheets of copper, aluminum, and other metals could be gathered and hauled to the recyclers or smashers (or salvage company) to earn cash fast. Keep in mind the more metals you have, the more weight the metals have, the more cash you'll get from the recyclers or salvage company and this could lead to loads of money fast. If you have a metal detector, not only can you find metals to recycle but you may even get lucky and find a jackpot of cash and coins that someone buried for a rainy day. Of course you can also earn money fast if you live in a state that pays to recycle plastics and other materials, as well as help keep the earth looking beautiful.

You don't have to go to the recyclers to recycle metals you find to earn fast cash. We've all heard the saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure", so why not earn money turning one man's trash into another man's treasure. If you can repair things or make something useful out of what you find you can try to sell it through venues like your local flea market, local classifieds, Ebay, etc.

Provide a Service

There are services you can offer if the scavenging for money business ideas don't appeal to you and if there is a market for the service you would like to offer then there is a good chance of earning cash today from that service. Here are a few business ideas for services that you can offer that can be done with zero to low cost out of pocket expenses and earn cash today.

Five Low Cost Service Business Ideas

If you're great at planning a party or interior design, and your party guests have always raved about your parties or how beautiful your home looks, why not try your hand at party planning or interior design. A party planning or interior design business can be a great way to earn fast money, and you don't need a lot of money to start it. Of course party planning and interior design requires good organizational skills as well as design skills, so if organizing and design is not your strong suit but you like to be the life of the party and are good at clowning around, you can offer a clown service instead. You can promote your party planning, interior design, or clown services through your local classifieds, personal business cards, and flyers for cheap.

5 Low Cost Ways to Promote Business

1. Business cards are a great way to promote business as they provide your business information to your customers in a compact form, making it easy for your customers to carry your business contact and location information for continued patronage and sharing your business with friends.

2. Classifieds are another great way to promote a business, you can place a classified ad in your local classifieds for cheap or place an ad in online classifieds for free.

3. Fliers can be placed on bulletin boards in grocery stores, doctor offices, community centers, and other high traffic areas or you can pass them out to promote a business for cheap.

4. Social Media Marketing can be freely utilized to promote a business, and could provide your business with customers from all over the world.

5. Vehicle billboards make a great tool to promote a business as they travel around advertising your business on their sides. You can purchase a magnetic sign or car wrap for a one time cost and promote your business where ever you drive.

House cleaning is a very common business service offered that you can start up easily by advertising your services through Craigslist, flyers, business cards, word of mouth, etc. but just because it's common doesn't mean it won't work for you - especially if you live in a rural area where there isn't much competition. However if you feel you would have more competition then you'd like and you happen to have a truck, you can offer a yard clean up service instead, as if people are willing to pay for house cleaning why wouldn't they be willing to pay for a yard clean up? Just advertise your yard clean up service using the methods I mentioned in for the house cleaning service, moreover be sure to check Craigslist for people wanting a yard clean up service so that you could earn fast money, and maybe you'll end up having to haul off some junk that you can take to the recyclers to make more money.

Five Low Cost Home Business Ideas

Maybe the last thing you want to do is house cleaning because you do enough house cleaning at your own house and are looking to earn income from an in home business, in which case I have a few home business ideas that cater to the crafty and a few that cater to the technologically inclined, all of which can be done with a zero to low-cost out-of-pocket expense.

The best home business, or any business for that matter, is one that you enjoy, and if enjoying making crafts because you're the crafty type, then you may enjoy starting a home business based on scrap booking (which you can learn more about from my "Make Money Scrapbooking" article), tailoring, or teaching music or craft classes. You can promote your services through Craigslist, local classifieds, business cards, word-of-mouth, and flyers.

Good web design is in high demand for many businesses and if you have the know-how then you can make fast money designing and building websites. You can offer good web design through business cards, Craigslist, classified ads, word-of-mouth, or bidding on web design jobs posted online at websites such as,,, and other freelance sites. To boost your income even more you can offer logo design as well. Digital marketing services such as online advertising often go hand-in-hand with web design, so if you happen to know about search engine optimization (SEO), printing, graphic design, social media marketing (SMO), you can add SEO and other digital marketing services to your good web design and turn your business into a cash cow.

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