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How to start a food truck business from scratch

Updated on May 31, 2012

mini mobile food seller.

business starting ideas for chefs and cooks

If you have all that it takes to make good food and make people happy but the only problem you have is finance, why not start a truck food business and express your creativity. Many chefs and creative cooks are taking advantage of this innovative food service trend to deliver high quality meals to people on the go.

The advantage of food truck business is that it is cheap to start, unlike in restaurants where you need plenty of money to establish. Your customers also benefit because they'll get food delivered to them anytime and anywhere. As a beginner, there are certain things you need to know when starting a food truck business. These are issues that anyone who wants to become successful in the business must take seriously.

First find out if the area you're intending to do business is permitted by the law. If they do then take a survey of the area to know exactly the area you'll be patrolling. It is also important for you to know about the food guideline and regulations of your sate. Then you need to purchase for yourself a very good van or truck that will serve solely as your mobile restaurant.

If you're planning to do hot dog, sandwich and ice cream you'll need a truck of around $2,000. But if you're doing more serious cooking then you'll need a bigger truck or van which is definitely going to be more expensive.

Choose a unique business name and develop a brand. Your brand is what sets you apart from the crowd. You must choose this wisely because this is what will make people look for you at all cost. Make sure that the name is likeable and friendly; with your truck beautifully and colorfully designed with it. You should also never neglect taking care of little details. Things like costumer service, uniform, the menu, the decor and signage are what make customers want to come back for more. The most respected restaurants in the world spend a great deal of money and time trying to make their restaurant very attractive; yours can't be different.

Find funding for your new business. Even though you are confident about starting a food truck business with very little money, you will still need some financing probably from a financial institution or an independent investor. Draw out your budget and make sure that what you arrive at is something reasonable. Instead of buying a new truck worth $100,000, why not opt for a food chart which is a cheaper option. Now you need to get the word out.

Apart from telling everyone around, you should make use of social networking especially twitter. Use this avenue to build regular communication with your customers by updating them on your current location. Social media can also help pass useful information and engage your customers.

Now that you have learn about starting a food truck business make sure you have a clear goal of what you plan to achieve. Know though your truck food business is not conventional; treat it as a restaurant and not just a hobby. Have a list of the kind of food you want to serve and ensure that you build a customer base that will help you survive on the street for a long time.


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