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Hub Pages......the Silent Partner? The Crafty Devil it is undoubtedly!

Updated on January 19, 2017
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An author who believes in freedom of speech and being opinionated. A great gift is having a will and the courage to enact.

Hub Pages...Hit or Miss?

Who benefit's the most out of the arrangement ? Writer who puts the work in or Hub Pages? The recipient of that work, and the drawing power it brings to the website (Assumingly ebbing along on the (PPC) pay per click system, as well as advertising through the back door also.

There is nothing better than a zillion writers who express themselves in all matters of ways and in different subjects akin to their surroundings and indeed todays world we live in, then submit that blog which has been produced through sheer effort, for all the would be audiences.

To all late night candle burners!.....

To all the late night candle burners....keep on writing...I am sure your sheer hard work will pay off in the end...well if law of averages is correct it will! That I suppose is one way of getting a point across and burning off some neurons, and getting thoughts and feelings out of one's head, is by using such websites as for blogging and the release of pent up thoughts and opinions of all subjects.

One thing you will obtain from such sites is experiences, you'll never be way...the balance of the "arrangement" sees to that! Try and put a figure on it or envisage what fraction emulates your profit margin from the expense of your hard work? I wonder if its like that book I read once where the author stated the clearly obvious" You WILL NEVER BE RICH WORKING FOR SOMEONE ELSE" he equated that the usual figure was that an employee's output was worth 85% to the employer.. irrespective of the cost of wages !...Wow its a big margin.....but do you see what I am pertaining to? I just felt that as I have browsed Hub Pages more so lately there seems a helluva lot of Hubbers...SHORT CHANGED?....or as they feel?

Anyone brave enough to state their thoughts on this? Does anyone know what spammy is? I am lead to believe that this hub contains spammy elements from an unnamed source. In retrospect if that same critic could see the obvious work, gone into such a figure of speech type of blog, which had taken all of 10 minutes to create, they may refrain from knee jerk reactive criticism, and see the beauty of an open mind and the courage to profess one inclinations.

Be brave ...let the mind flow and keep blogging no matter what!

Who is cleaning up?

Why is Hub Pages tarred with the brush of outright scams?

Hubpages draws people in and motivates them to contribute writing to their website, but it is not up front about its scoring system and its use of the "nofollow" attribute as a punitive measure to coerce users into continually contributing new material by threatening to take away the search engine value of links in the hub. As of Feb. 2010, their homepage boldly reads: "Publish easily, Attract readers, & Earn rewards". The "rewards" are:

  • Earning income through Google Adsense
  • Links to your website(s)
  • Traffic to your website(s)

More traffic on a deserted highway than on Hub Pages?

I have received no traffic--zero visits--through hubpages, in spite of the number of views on my hubs approaching 10. This is in stark contrast to other self-publishing websites which, at the very least, provided a few visits shortly after publishing decent material., for example, averages a click-through rate of over 6% for me, and is often higher (12-15%) for the first article views. Buzzle had a lower rate but was still measurable in the first few days of publishing a new article.

Hub Pages and the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Buddies!

Yes, but only for top users (Buddies). What hubpages does not tell you when you sign up is that the links in your hubs have a "nofollow" link added to them if your author score is below a certain threshold. Furthermore, even if your hubs have had the "nofollow" attribute removed by exceeding this threshold, the minute your author score drops below the threshold, "nofollow" is immediately reapplied. Hubpages does not mention this policy in their help documentation, and in fact, the explanation of the policy is left to speculation among users, who write a number of "hubs" and forum posts about it. Most discussion seems to say the cutoff is 75 out of 100.

Getting above this threshold requires a considerable investment of time and effort on a continuous basis, because of how the score is calculated. However, like the cutoff, Hubpages does not openly publish how the Hubscore is calculated. This highlights how the company's business model is based on withholding information, and begs the question: if there weren't something objectionable about the algorithm, why wouldn't they be open about publishing it?


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