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Is Writing for Hubpages Still Worth It?

Updated on November 27, 2015

Hubpages: Is It Still Worth Writing Here?

This really concern to those freelancer or free time writers who are interested in making some passive income and extra money with Adsense without investing the hard earned money in their own website.

Believe me, there are number of people who love writing in their free time and never gets the true value of what they are doing. But with Hubpages and Adsense it is made very easy to utilize your full time in writing and getting the nice returns back.

But this was true until recent times (few years back before all those Google animal updates).

Specially after the diminishing of Squidoo lenses, Hubpages start growing faster and have turned into a vast ocean for content writers and freelancers who want to share their unique ideas to the world.

As time changed all the things changed. Rules for writing, marketing, writers and much more....

But still, if you have flair for writing and can still write for crazy people over here who looks for loads of information on internet daily, you can join the brilliant site known as Hubpages (for writing as well as for making money).

Believe me, this is still a fabulous place for writers who want to change the game. But for this you need to be crazy enough. You need to get the skills for writing great content for the people who want to get the free information.

Overall I can say that Hubpages is still and can be a wonderful site for people who love writing and are passionate about it. In my view this is no longer for beginners who just want to start with writing and want to earn great income.

If you still do not have your account here but you have the passion of writing, you can start now.

How to Utilize Hubpages and Adsense to Generate Maximum Earnings?

In the developing world today, where many people are using the Internet just for fun and entertainment, there are some others who are using this new technology to make money.

Making money on the Internet is just a trend nowadays. More and more people are trying to use the internet as one of the best and easiest option to earn money.

There was the time that making money with the internet was really a difficult task but it is not so anymore as there are numerous ways today through which you can make money on the internet that too sitting at home.

Blogging and writing is the easiest way to get thru the masses especially the ones who are socially active and take parts in social reviews and networking online. Number of software is now available for this purpose.

To start writing have become way too easier than ever before and believe me that it's a best alternative job online that people are getting attracted to. Working from home has become quite popular these days. And writing at sites such as Hubpages is one of the best to make easy money.

Utilizing your Hubpages for generating the earnings is no new to you. You can earn enough money and can generate passive income online without really investing in your own site. Investing into your own site may require you to buy domain, hosting, etc. But at Hubpages you are free to use all.

Most of the people who are writing at Hubpages, do not know how to maximize their earnings with their hubpages. Here are some of the tips that I found useful for me. Hoping that these can also work for you, I am sharing these with you all.

  1. Build the reputation and popularity on Hubpages. I know I have not done much of it due to lack of time but I am trying to get more and more followers regularly.
  2. Build a strong eye catching profile. Edit your profile and say few words about yourself that can attract your readers. Readers always look for useful stuff that can help them grow. So add some useful stuff there and tell about your business.
  3. Do not over promote yourself while writing. Hubpages is not at all meant for advertising. You should therefore learn a bit and write informative articles that are worth reading for your visitors and can help them grow. This makes Hubpages and Squidoo different.
  4. Think about the unique ideas and less competition. As Hubpages is a great ocean for writers you need to keep in mind about the competition prevailing here. If you subject or writing is not unique it will get lost back among all the hubs already present about the subject. While writing here you need to think about adding the keywords that are less competitive.
  5. Add pictures and media to your profile and Hubpages you create. Relevant pictures with the nice videos, maps, recipes (for food hubs), etc always tend to attract more visitors. And you should not skip this if you want to rank your hubpages high for better earning potential.
  6. Do some SEO on your hubpages. May be you are not good at this, but Hubpages can help you to handle all this. You just care for adding the related tags that Hubpages generate automatically. Also add some less competitive keywords into your content and title so that you can get better recognized. This can boost the stats and can help maximize your Adsense earnings.

Overall, as we all say CONTENT IS STILL THE KING, do not forget to add value to your content. Write an impressive content that is meant to help the users. Add the stuff that answer the queries of the users and you will see them growing overtime with your earnings.

How adding polls to your hubs can increase the earnings?

Adding a poll can do wonders on your hubs. This can attract more readers and keep them encouraged to keep returning for some more useful information in future.

Here are some more uses of adding a poll form to your Hubpage

  1. It allows your users to get involved in your Hubpage
  2. It encourages more and more discussions on various topics on your site
  3. It can help you in giving a new direction to your Hubpage
  4. It can motivate to start new topics which your readers love to read
  5. Plenty of people who do not like to comment can also participate in polls and give their valuable suggestion and feedback

Besides this a Poll can do wonder for your Hubpage content. As search engines like the pages that are updated regularly, with the help of a poll your pages get updated regularly and are cached by search engines regularly.

Join Communities on Hubpages: Read More than you Write

Getting the inspiration and innovative ideas are must for you to get maximum earnings through Hubpages and Adsense.

Hope you all agree with this?

So I think that you should spend some time on Hubpages and explore the communities there. Join them which ever interest you and share your expertise with your fellow hubbers.

Participate in buzz surrounding the people at hubpages and bask the glory with them. This all provides you maximum exposure and also strengthen your presence at the site.

This will earn your better recognition from fellow authors. And will help you rank your hubs better. Lots of people are just making enough money months over month and now it’s your turn.

Hubpages and building a community on this high quality website is also a great way to make money online these days. More and more people are interested in getting success through this blogging method and are making good easy money from home through this.

So why not you take part here and start your journey towards making a passive income online through Hubpages.

This Is Still Worth It!


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