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Human Relations is Admin: Communication and Problem Solving

Updated on February 8, 2018

How Good Are Your Communication Skills?

I scored a 40 on the communication skills self-assessment; this score taught me a lot about myself as a communicator. This score places me as a capable communicator who still has room for improvement. This assessment scored me based on my skill in: planning my message, creating a clear well-crafted message, my ability to choose the right channel, my ability to receive and interpret a message, and in the feedback I receive. I scored the highest on message planning, receiving and interpreting, and feedback. The areas where I need the most improvement are choosing the right channel and encoding. My biggest road block with choosing the right channel is my ISFJ personality which causes me to lean away from in person conversations and phone conversations. I tend to choose email as my preferred channel of communication and I often overlook the reasons why an in person conversation or phone conversation could be the better method of communication. My problem with encoding is that my message does not always appear clear and well-crafted. I have been told in the past that I sometimes leave out important information from my explanations because I subconsciously assume that the other person already has that part of the information. My results did surprise me a little bit; I thought that I would have a lower score than I did on the assessment because communicating with people I don’t know is a struggle for me in channels outside of email. I did share my results of this assessment with my family who felt that the results were accurate. I have learned that I need to take care to find the best channel for communication instead of the channel I feel the most comfortable with; I also need to take care to consider other people’s perspective, think about what I want to say before I say it, and to focus on the words and body language that will allow me to hear and understand my message more clearly. I plan to spend more time focusing on improving my skills as a communicator because no matter what career I end up going into communication will always be an important skill to have.

How Good is Your Problem Solving?

I scored a 59 on the problem solving self-assessment; this score did not teach me a lot about who I am as a problem solver, but it did show me the areas of problem solving where I need to improve. I was not surprised with my results and I felt that they were accurate; I did not share the results of this self-assessment with anyone. The problem solving self-assessment scored me on my ability to: find the problem, find the facts, define the problem, find ideas, select and evaluate, plan, sell the idea, and act. While I scored high in most of the areas I still need to improve my ability to find the facts and sell the idea. I need to work on finding all of the facts before I begin to define the problem. To improve myself I plan to ask questions after I identify a problem. I need to ask questions concerning: the factors contribute to the problem, the people involved with the problem, the solutions that have been tried in the past, and the thoughts of other people concerning the problem. My problem with selling the idea stems from my ISFJ personality that leads me to prefer introversion over extroversion. Public speaking and communication with people I don’t know well has always been difficult for me; to improve my ability to sell the idea I need to work on improving my communication and public speaking. To do this I am minoring in communication at Southern New Hampshire University and I am planning on taking a course in public speaking.


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