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Human Resource For Small Businesses

Updated on January 8, 2013

Hr For Small Entersprise

Although employing full time human resource management might be quite troublesome for small companies but not adhering to also is not a viable option.As we know for a matter of fact that HRM manages employees in the organization, and this function doesn’t simply imply to large organizations with huge budget but to small firms as well.

However, the importance of human resource management seems to be varying in terms of functions while the large organization understand the sophisticated need of this particular form of management which includes talent management, payroll processing, compensation management etc.But on the other side, the small enterprise considers the role of human resource simply for the recruiting, hiring and firing.

So, it is time for companies large or small to understand the significance of HRM not just as mere recruitment process but also as a vital part of the organization as it accounts to much more than that.Simply putting in words, Human resource management has an integral part to play in the success of small level enterprise and that HR is a contributor to development in terms of resource utilization as well as the revitalization and thus it is not just a cost to the organization.

A side of it ensures that the employees perform work in an effective way which can be possible with satisfaction of employees but its other side also depicts the reason for customer satisfaction through desired outcome from the employees, which can only be possible if the human resources are in their best form. It is said that employees represent the actual face of the company and the face of the company can actually be good if and when the contributors are satisfied with their work.

Small enterprise, infact, I believe has more to do with the human resource development for one very simple reason: Development of employees results development of the firm in various ways, not just financially but on other important grounds as well. A firm can expect to build a institute on a weak foundation. Google, for instance has proved time and again, that their concern for human resource is one big reason for their success story.

Thus, human resource management ensures that not only the firm enjoys the fruit of success which finally will lead to the fact that customers are satisfied but along with it theemployees development and growth will account to what we call a 360 degree development. The best part of having human resource management in the organization is that it is a investment that doubles your gain in terms of emotional stability and financial growth as well. It not only increases the status of the organization but also accounts to sustainable development.


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