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Human Resource Jobs

Updated on June 3, 2014

Human Resource Jobs: Are You Ready for it

Are you interested to have a graduate career in Human Resource (HR)? Want to know what skills you might need to get a job and get ahead in HR department? Here we have mentioned a few key skills which will make you a successful HR professional.

The job of an HR professional revolves around these few key responsibility:-

1. Attract: - The first and foremost responsibility of HR team of an organization is to attract the best available man power for the organization.

2. Educate: - The other very important function of the HR team is to educate the selected candidates so that their performance can be optimized.

3. Train: - People educated well about their job, needs to know their job role and working culture. And there again the responsibility of HR team comes, they are responsible to provide the proper training to the newly appointed team.

4. Motivate: - The employees needs to be motivated, and the HR team is responsible to do so. They motivate the employee by positively reinforcing there action. The HR team motivates the employee to give their best at the work place.

5. Empower: - One of the most significant role of HR team is to empower the employees, they study the performance of each and every employee and if needed empower the deserving ones. This action keeps the employee in a mood to perform better.

6. Reward: - Rewarding the employees is one of the most important roles of HR team as that ultimately results in motivating the employees to work better and give their best. If an employee working well gets rewarded, the others will also wish to work well and hence the environment of the organization becomes competitive.

To fulfill these responsibilities one needs to have a specific set of personal attributes, if you want to get into HR profession and wish to prosper in it, you need to have these few personal attributes in you: -

1. Decisive thinker: - A person needs to have an ability to analyze information quickly and simultaneously use it to make robust decision.

2. Skilled influencer: - One need to be a skilled influencer; he/she must be able to gain commitment from different quarters in order to benefit the organization.

3. Personally credible: - This attribute tells about the ability of a person to be expert in both HR as well as commercial issues, and takes a professional approach.

4. Collaborative: - This attribute of an individual tells about his/her ability to work with a specific group of person within and outside the organization.

5. Courage and challenge: - Must have an ability to speak up and will challenge others even when met with resistance or unfamiliar situation.

6. Role model: - Leads by example, he/she must be role model for others to follow.

7. Curious: - An ability to hear from others, an ability to gather information, an ability to seek out ways to support the development of the organization. He/she must be a very open minded person to take up this job.

These are a few common skills and job responsibility which the entire HR professional needs to have. Apart from these skills one needs to have excellent verbal and written skills, as well as proficiency with computers.

Apart from these commonly needed skills there are a few skill set which specialist HR professionals needs to have, they are as follows: -

1. Selection, Recruiting, and Placement Managers: - They need to have good judge of character; tact; excellent verbal and professional skills; ability to sell the organization; make cold call; self confidence; ability to make a network within the organization and outside the organization.

2. Development and training specialists: - good writing skills; good sense of humor; imagination; understanding of the organization’s future knowledge needs; excellent verbal and interpersonal skills.

3. Compensation and Benefits Specialists: - strong quantitative and analytical skills; the ability to communicate the meaning of numbers in plain English; Verbal skills; knowledge of local, state and federal laws and regulations concern areas such as comparable worth, fair labor standards, and affirmative action.

4. Employee Relations and Labor Specialists: - sense of fairness; ability to converse with people of all educational levels; integrity; communication and negotiation skills.

5. Health, Safety, and Security Specialists: - honesty; communication skills; excellent attention to details; knowledge of the various local, state and federal laws and regulatory agencies dealing with health, safety and security.

So if you are one of those looking for a job in HR, keep these points in your mind and be read to travel a lot.


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