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Health and human potential

Updated on July 31, 2015

The Current Situation

Optimal health and unleashing human potential

It's fair to say that there are two areas of wellbeing that humans are failing as a species to 'own' here in the 21st Century. Get into a conversation with pretty much anyone, about anything- and what do they end up talking about? Firstly, their health- or lack of it. And secondly their job or career- and what's wrong with it.

Statistics show that 8 in 10 people are unsatisfied with their jobs and careers. Eighty percent of the population. That's HUGE! Statistically one in every two of us will apparently experience some form of cancer in our lifetime. That's if heart disease, diabetes, obesity or anything from the long list of rampant health issues we see today doesn't get to us first!

We work in jobs we don't like, to make money to buy things we thing we think we need, to add to our need to work in a job we don't like to make more money to buy more things we think we need.. until we get sick and can't work anymore. And in some cases, sadly- we work until we die.

Surely there's another way?

Disease and illness have become so familiar in our culture that many of us have come to accept sickness as normal and even EXPECT it.

It's not normal. I believe that it can be different; and I am not alone. Optimal, vibrant health and energy is our birthright- not disease, fatigue and illness. When we have optimal health, we gain access our true potential. When the body is deeply nourished and getting what it needs at the cellular level, it is freed up to focus on healing, repair and growth. It can effectively fight off necessary toxins and other nasties. This means not getting sick as often- and if we do, to a lesser severity as the body is getting what it needs in order to fight it off quicker.

Consider that perhaps the answer to curing illness lies not in taking action with synthetic products once we have already fallen ill, but rather by preventing illness in the first place. By nourishing our bodies with the best most nutrient-rich foods we can find, strengthening our immune system with all the good stuff such as pro-biotics and NATURAL supplements.

Three years ago, I was severely fatigued, bedridden with viruses and infections every few weeks and experiencing anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress disorder following my house mate's suicide. I was also highly stressed in my full time job as a teacher, which I stuck with because I believed at the time that I had to.

As I looked around and saw how unhappy, unhealthy and stressed out the people around me were- I thought this was a normal way to be.

It wasn't until my house mate took his own life in 2012 at age 27, (the very same age as me), that I began to question how it was that I was living my own life at the time. I realised that life was precious and I wanted to make the most of mine. I could now see that many people were just going through the motions of life and following a common script- myself included. More shockingly, I realised that up until this point, I had been going through the motions my whole life.

This signalled the beginning of my journey of discovery with my health. I realised that I didn't really know how to look after myself. I mean really look after myself. I didn't know what foods were best to eat, how much rest my body needed to be at its' peak, how to switch off my ever- racing mind and give it, along with my body, a chance to rejuvenate.

So I left teaching- my 3 year long career that I had spent 5 years' studying to obtain. And I set off on my journey of discovering myself. I explored concepts such as: What does it mean to be healthy? What do I deeply value? What do I want to DO and BE in my time here on this planet? What is it going to take to get the answers to these questions?

I discovered that my concept of healthy needed an upgrade. That what I used to think of as food, was being seriously meddled with and was impacting on my physical health, weakening my immune system and influencing my mental wellbeing. It became obvious as to why I was always sick as well as not experiencing optimal brain function with a resilient, healthy attitude towards life.

I realised that what I had being doing to my body all this time, was the equivalent of filling up a car that runs on petrol with water instead, and expecting it to not only run optimally, but to last a good 85 years or so. It would be more economical and beneficial to fill it with petrol, and throw in some top of the range stuff regularly to ensure the engine is getting nourished to keep it running optimally for as long as possible.

I was sometimes feeding my body fresh foods- but they were of the lowest grade. Lacking necessary nutrients and containing harmful toxins in the form of pesticides. It shocked me to discover the potential harm hiding in the fresh food section of my local supermarket.

After extensive research, conversations with people in the know and experimenting with what did and didn’t feel good to put into my body- I realised that it all came down to tuning in and listening to my body and its’ needs.

I discovered there were alternatives to the pesticide sprayed 'fresh' food sold in the supermarkets. I no longer had to settle for potentially 2 year old apples (frozen in a climate controlled environment until needed) void of nutrients. I decided to value my body, which I plan on having function optimally for as long as possible, and spend that little bit extra on FRESH ORGANIC apples that would actually nourish my body

(If you live in Melbourne- see 'Organic Empire', or 'Organic Angels' for a home delivery service of fresh organic fruit and veg. Yep! :) )

Interestingly, I noticed that as I put better quality food into my body, and added the necessary 'extras' that are essential in todays’ environment such as pro-biotics, natural supplements, (see and delicious smoothies, my overall wellbeing began to improve.

I was no longer sick all the time. In fact, I've now been sick once in 2 years. I now have more energy- not needing a sleep nearly every day anymore. I now experience a calm state of mind more often than a stressed one, and am therefore more present with the current moment- able to respond more effectively in my daily life.

I am confident with knowing what to put into my body, where to purchase great quality fresh fruit and veggies, and I can understand the language my body speaks to me. I choose to honour my body and give it what it needs in order to be deeply nourished and super charged!

I have changed my life and am accessing my highest potential with each and every step that I take.

Putting my health first has been the most empowering decision I have made. What will it take for you to put your health first?


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