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How Can I Get Good Website Copywriting, Affordably?

Updated on February 7, 2013

Avoid These Marketing Pitfalls

You've got to think of focused marketing as an investment in creating a pipeline of business. Many people approach it as 'advertise and pray', but I advocate building a system... a system which needs great quality content, persuasive writing and careful monitoring of response.

Definitely use free Web Analytics (Google, Webstats etc) and tracking to ensure any marketing or work on your website pays a healthy return. In hub "How to read a Google Analytics report" you will see a video with screenshots explaining the basics. I also go into keyword research.

Stick to your guns, profit apprentices - never say yes to advertising salespeople who mention "branding" or "getting your name out there".

Also never say yes to cold callers who offer to get your website "at the top of Google instantly" - they are using the highest bid rate on Adwords, so of course they'll put your ad at the top. But your cash will flow faster than butter on hot toast because of high bid rates, low relevancy (called Quality Score), and more than likely high management costs.

Some Tips for Writing Websites

I would suggest to never put a famous quote as your first text paragraph (it's OK as a graphic). This is because Google is ascertaining what this page is about from the meta title, description, first paragraph and H1 Heading - and quotes just confuse or dilute your subject. Quotes should not appear in your Title or Description!

Why is this relevant? Because people are looking for answers to problems and sifting through the first few results based on a Title and Description. In fact, about 42% of searchers click on number one. But, you still have a chance if you have a great title/description (or great page copy) and appear at number three (8-14%).

Write a good title for your topic, brand name last. Now that Google takes descriptions more from your meta description tag, you'll want to pay attention to what is said in this box. So get your descriptions to sizzle... you can mention location or market served.

Write each page on its own merits - try to take off any automated title writer. Install SEO Yoast, a plugin for writing optimised pages, with built-in XML sitemap. It's a boon; it makes optimising pages easier with a "page analysis" tab inside the back-end of each page. If only all website designers did this step, at least they would help their clients get indexed by Google.

As it is, many web developers put the same title in for every page, and cut & paste the description from the first sentence of content. Some have been known to just leave the title as Home. 'Home' is not a very persuasive word for encouraging people to visit your website!

Spending on website copywriting (professional service)

What would you spend on website copywriting - 3 pages?

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