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I Made More Than $500 Last Month on Bubblews

Updated on November 17, 2013
Some of my posts on Bubblews are about foods and recipes.
Some of my posts on Bubblews are about foods and recipes. | Source

What is Bubblews?

What is Bubblews? Some people refer to the site as a writing site, but it’s really more of a social networking site. It reminds me a lot of Facebook – with the added bonus of getting paid. People post short articles that are at least 400 characters long – 400 characters, not 400 words. Photographs can be included in the posts, but they aren’t required. The posts can be about almost anything, but notice I said “almost anything.” Pornography and posts about illegal activities aren’t allowed. Some users use the site to make personal blog-type posts, telling about their day, their hobbies, or their interests. You’ll also find recipe posts, tutorials, trivia, humorous posts, and posts and photos about different locations.

Bubblews is a nice way to make quick cash.
Bubblews is a nice way to make quick cash. | Source

Bubblews Earnings

Last month, I earned $560 and some change from Bubblews. How do you make money with Bubblews? You get paid for every like, every view, and every comment you receive on your posts. You get these by connecting with other users, called Bubblers. If you have good connections, they’ll read your posts, and hopefully, they’ll click the “like” button. Sometimes your connections will leave comments on your posts, too.

To be honest, I haven’t even tried to figure out the pay scale on Bubblews. According to what I’ve read, ad revenue is shared with users on a 50-50 basis. Members can redeem when their account reaches $25.

My chief purpose for writing on the site, initially, was not about earning money. I was more interested in interacting with people from around the world. It didn’t take me long, however, to realize I was making money while I was having fun. And yes, bubbling is enjoyable. I’ve met hundreds of people from all over and have gotten glimpses into their lives and cultures. I have connections from Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Jamaica, China, India, Philippines, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Greece, South Africa, Slovenia, and lots of other nations.

Hubpages is for more serious writing.
Hubpages is for more serious writing. | Source

Bubblews Scam?

Is Bubblews a scam? Based on my own personal experience, Bubblews isn’t a scam. As far as my experience goes, it’s completely legit. I’ve cashed out more than thirty times, and I’ve never had a problem receiving payment. The payments go directly into my Paypal account.

I’ve read blog posts claiming that Bubblews is a scam. Some users say that their first redemptions were paid, but the subsequent payments weren’t paid. I’ll admit that I was skeptical at first. In fact, I joined several months ago and submitted one or two posts, and then I sort of forgot about the site. I didn’t resume submitting posts there until the end of September.

I don’t think the people complaining about Bubblews are untruthful. I think they didn’t follow the TOS somewhere along the way. From what I’ve seen, the biggest problem seems to be associated with photographs used in posts. Some aren’t properly attributed, and others are breaking copyright rules.

Something else I see on Bubblews is users’ posting current news headlines and bordering on plagiarism. I avoid that. Bubblews asks its users to write their world, so that’s what I do. I post funny or interesting events from my life, some of my personal recipes, and information about places I’ve visited, books I’ve read, movies I’ve seen, etc.

Hubpages vs. Bubblews

For some reason, there seems to be some animosity between Hubbers and Bubblers, as many members of Hubpages also write on Bubblews. I really don’t understand the bad feelings here. I like both sites, and there’s no reason anyone has to choose between the two. Both sites have their own advantages and disadvantages.

As far as earning money is concerned, I see my Bubblews posts as quick, easy money, but I don’t see as much value for residual income in the long run. My Hubpages articles, however, are more of a slow and steady way to earn from writing, with the likelihood of residual income. I still earn on hubs that I wrote years ago, for example. I’m not saying this could never happen with Bubblews posts, but I think it’s much less likely to earn real residual income from them than it is to earn residual income from my Hubpages articles.

I also earn money via Amazon and Ebay with my hubs, which isn't possible on Bubblews. Bubblews is fun and laid back, while Hubpages is more serious. Hubpages focuses more on writing quality, while Bubblews focuses more on social networking.

Will Bubblews Last?

Will Bubblews last? Well, that’s the $64,000 question, isn’t it? I’m not business-minded enough or tech-savvy enough to even attempt to answer this question. The site could be up and running for decades, or it could be a flash in the pan that fizzles out in a month or two. I’d like it to last forever, but if it doesn’t, I’ve made some decent money there and have enjoyed my stay. My humble advice to you is to use Hubpages for longer, more detailed articles, and try Bubblews for short, fun posts.


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