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I Want to Quit My Job, What Should I do?

Updated on August 28, 2019
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Some advice for anyone that is in this situation and needs some help in making the decision.

Many of us know the feeling, waking up feeling sick to your stomach thinking about your job, and what may happen while you are at it today. Maybe you are dealing bosses or coworkers that are giving you the hardest time at work for no good reason. Or maybe you know that the line of work you are in is simply not for you and you want to get into something that suits you better. I myself have experienced all of these at one point or another and would like to share some advice to anyone that might be in this situation and what necessary steps to take fix this problem.

Make the Decision

Now I know this sounds simple, but a lot of people struggle with this more than you would think, maybe you do too. If you truly want to quit your job and know their is no future held for you wherever you are working, you need to make the definite and firm decision to quit your job. Look at yourself in the mirror and state to yourself, "I am going to quit this job and move on." The word decide means to cut off, and by making this decision, you are cutting off all other options related to this job. I know many might read this and think it all sounds obvious, but I notice a lot of people struggle with this. Many want to quit, but are on the fence or are afraid to quit because it delves into the unknown, and I think humanities greatest fear is the unknown. Is this you? Do you want to quit, but your mind is kind of fuzzy when it comes to making the decision. If you decide to stay, then know that you must make the best of your situation, but if you decide to quit, know you need to honor that and keep that promise to yourself.

Need A Plan of Action

So you made the definite decision to quit your job and am ready to walk in your bosses office first thing tomorrow and throw your resignation on their desk and telling them I quit. Hold on, not so fast, have to be a little patient with that. So you made a decision, now you need a plan of action what you are going to do. What do I mean by plan of action you may ask? Basically, what steps are you going to take leading up to quitting and what will happen when you initially quit and beyond that. Now, for each one of us, our plan of action may be totally different. A single, young man's plan of action will be totally different from a middle aged man that may be married and has kids. At the top of your plan, you need a source of income. No matter what anyone says and how some people want you to believe money is not important and to live with no money, its unfortunately not how the world works. How you find your source of income is up to you to find out with what you can do. It can be selling on eBay, or using social media to earn an income, or taking odd jobs to pay the bills until you land a more stable job. Another part of the plan is figuring out your expenses. Money is going to be tight for a bit, so sit down and figure out how much money you are checking out and divide it between essentials and nonessentials. Do you need to pay a streaming subscription every month, or feed your family? Do you need to go party every weekend or insure you have a roof over your head for the week? Or do I need a $10 coffee from Starbucks every morning to make it through a job that has no meaning to me anyway? Sit down and ask yourself, do I really need this during my transition? Its not going to be fun, believe me, but if you absolutely do not like your job and have made the decision to quit, it is the price to pay until you find something better.


Building off what I previously wrote, money is important, especially savings. We all have probably heard statistics about how the average do not have much savings and we need at least 3 to 6 months worth as backup, and both of those are true. If you are living paycheck to paycheck, and have made the decision to quit, you need to sit down and figure out how to start saving, and no small amount is laughable. An old saying I have heard, pay yourself first, meaning set aside some of your income to put into savings and pretend it is not apart of your regular paycheck. No job is guaranteed until you officially start, and even then it is still not guaranteed. Keep in mind, when you quit, it could be a day, or a month, or even a few months before you start your next stable job. Again, we are getting into the unknown, and you have no idea when your next paycheck will come in. Don't place yourself in a position where you cannot go without for more than a week or two without a paycheck. Believe me, if you have a cushion of savings, you will sleep better at night knowing you will be alright for awhile.


Don't Rush Too Quickly

I know once we make that decision, we just want to get out as soon as possible, but be patient. I know many might looks at these point and think they are so obvious, but I have seen many people quit a job without considering any of these, maybe you have too. Walk away from a job feeling confident in yourself knowing that everything will be taken care of, and you can sleep peacefully that night knowing everything will be just fine. Long story short, don't quit until you are in a somewhat stable position to quit. Show the world that you made a well informed and carefully made plan and am not acting on the moment, making a foolish mistake for yourself and giving your former coworkers and bosses the satisfaction of it, if you have that situation. I hope this advice has helped with your decision-making some and know if you are in this predicament, many have gone through it and have turned out fine, and I am sending my best wishes your way that everything works out.

© 2019 Jason


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      Mehrdad M 

      7 months ago

      Cool Article


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