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I am too poor to be cheap! For people that see most purchases as investments.

Updated on September 17, 2016

The stakes are higher and it takes a mind that doesn’t accept living paycheck to paycheck, not for frivolous spenders.

Paying for low quality costs you long and short term. Take McDonalds for example. It might make you feel full and give the instant satisfaction of taste but the simple fact is that it causes so many problems not just from your body but also the economy, the environment, and your mind. I hope that every single person in the world knows this, but so many people around the world are drawn to these dietary institutions; these,, Sugary Drinks and Tobacco are sometimes the only things America is known for. Getting sucked into a world of obesity especially in certain countries where it is convenient and cheaper can hinder an entire town’s growth and very serious addictions.

You have to know if you pay for a quality for something that will last around the same time that it is probable that you will lose or destroy it.

Warranties are good but not buying something you will rarely use makes even more sense.

You have to ask yourself– do you really have to throw out or give away clothes from last year’s season. I have adjusted my taste in clothes to things that will last at least a few years, and found a brand of underwear that lasts an entire year. I am still looking for socks, though. I actually found a sock company that was very high quality but not meant to last too long and actually had a warranty, but when I asked to get replacements after sending a picture, I found out it wasn’t as great as I thought because they wanted me to pay for shipping back to them which made little financial sense.

Buying a lot (wholesale) makes sense for the right price and quantity. I have been hustling since I was a kid. Many people do not do it right. Make sure the price will not drop before you use or sell the last one in the bunch. Another good reason to do this is so you don’t have to spend money on gas to buy the same product for more money.

A 5/10 cent bottle return mentality is what we need, but if you are using it for bottles of water it’s pretty pointless. I suggest just buying a filter that lasts in your own house, bottles really should only be used for travelling.

Your family and/or business all owning the same phone is a superb idea. If you want to take it a step further, go for computers and cars as well. We pretty much all need this to survive in 2016 anyway. Problems seem easier and are easier when you deal with it as a team. Having a brother and a father with very similar sizes for clothes is pretty darn cool, too. Unity should never be undervalued, something I strive for but don’t get very far with.

It is the same thing with business. Find people with similar goals interest and talents with varying degrees of skills that complement one another…
The Sky Is The Limit!!!


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