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I despirately want to be THAT person who is so enthusiastic about what he does that, it doesn't feel like a JOB.

Updated on July 7, 2016

I am completely, totally sick of wasting my time trying to make employers realize my worth, and treat me as the asset that I am. My brother in-law lives in GA. and does hiring for a living, and he will tell me about some "new" thing that he is supposed to look for (or at) in resumes, or new seriously wierd questions that are being asked in interviews (and how they are EXPECTED to be answered), and I just cringe, and hope that I never have to be interrogated in that manner. It would appear that it is (today) more difficult to gain employment than it is to gain US citizenship. This difficulty seems to also be compounded by age. I will be 51 in a few weeks, and that seems to have driven the last nail into my coffin as far as employment opportunities are concerned. Lately I have prayed as often to win the lottery as I have that my job application would be responded to. I am about ready to "call the whole thing off".


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