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Go to Thrift Stores and Make Money

Updated on March 23, 2013

Who doesn't love Thrift Shop by Macklemore?

Last weekend after listening with this song. Me and my wife decided to pop some tags, and we only have 20 dollars in our pockets (reliving the musics). Ten bucks for her and ten for me, and we want to see who can look freaking awesome.

Same weekend I was clearing up some of my old electronics and selling it to ebay. I saw some item as low as .99 cents with tags. You know what, I may lose this Thrift Shopping. I used my ten bucks for something else.


First I was this Demdaco My Wish For You Figurine Kelly Rae Roberts Collection 18063, for $1.99 with tags. Using my smartphone I went to my ebay apps and check if someone selling it. And I was surprised, this figurine is selling range from $28 to $38 (jackpot).


This got me excited. Next i got this .99 cents Vintage Stained Glass Angel On A Rock "God made you Special".

And also a nice Vintage Standing Cross "He Chose the Nails " for .99 cents also.

And grab more figurine on my way to register. I spending just 8 bucks! And I can't wait to go home and post this to my ebay.

So far I sold few
So far I sold few | Source

So far sold few items and made $16. I can't wait to sell my Demdaco, im selling it for 19.99.. This weekend I will go again to thrift stores and pop some cash! ~~ im wearing your granddads clothes .. i looked incredible!!...


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    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 4 years ago from Southern California

      Well with that kind of money, writing hubs will seem a disappointment. Monetarily at least.