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Restarting my career after redundancy

Updated on December 10, 2016

Overcoming Redundancy

A short hub about a man with an office job in the Royal Navy. He was made redundant, with the numerous cuts that were being seen in the public sector. This hub will demonstrate methods to focus on your transferable skills, and improving your CV through retraining. In the end the office administrator in the hub was able to develop your career used the redundancy to re-invent himself.

My Career in the Navy

I loved my job in the Royal Navy which I had been in for the last 8 years. It combined a stable with job with a lot of travel and exposure that I could not find elsewhere. The friends that I made in the Navy was also a great aspect of the job. I am so glad that I decided to job the Navy, as I am a natural to work in the Forces. Nevertheless, my world was turned on its head when the recession came and our government hit the Navy with forced cuts in spending, which led to my stable job being made redundant.

This meant that after a great service in the Navy, I was forced into civilian life again. I did however get funding to go about settling back into civilian life, which was a great help. All the same at this stage I would have preferred to have my old job and my Navy life, rather than joining the civilian world.

Souters Training for Admin Courses

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My Response to the loss of my job

Another great advantage is that the Career Transition Partnership would fund my re-training into a civilian job. This is necessary as many of us were struggling with transferring our skills into the civilian job market. I took my time and considered the best training course to spend my training budget.

My clerical experience was bound to serve me well, but I was not confident that my skills were up to date with the modern world. I look at administration courses and considered being an office manager. I found a training course that would consolidate all my technical skills, but also introduce me to management training. The approach to management was likely to be very different, so I was interested in doing taking this program.

The Office Administration Course that I chose had technical training in a classroom format with a number of management aspects. My skills were transferrable to this job type, as I could diarise appointments, maintain an office and had strong communication skills. However, my approach to the soft skills needed some development, as there was a cultural adjustment. I also picked up a few technical skills that I had not come across. I feel much more confident in myself, as a result of the training. I feel now that I am more equipped to get a new job and I can succeed in an interview process.

When I started to contact employers and agencies, I had a good response and soon found an ideal job. The work hours are pretty good for me and I get a good level of pay. Also, I am starting to think about the next step and a move up to an Office Manager or Office Administrator level.



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