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Updated on June 19, 2013


One of the greatest inventors Thomas Edison who invented the bulb failed over a hundred times and still continued to try. When asked about it he said that he had invented ninety nine ways of how not to make a bulb and he just needs one way to invent it.Such was his outlook to life and work that he disregarded failures and stuck to his path.This showed great patience and passion for his work. If anyone wants to embark in the internet business, Thomas Edison character is to be mirrored.

The internet is a world of its own, it may sometimes be overwhelming when one is flooded with rejections or experience slow growth but like the red light that stops traffic, the green light is bound to show.Most guys are like stuck on traffic, they continue honking when the light is still on red when they are very aware that traffic moves at green light and stops at red.

We simply don't have patience anymore, everything is expected to go our way all the time.Yes time is a priceless commodity but the fact is the world is slow and moves at its own pace, then it seems logical to be patient and wait for everything to take its course.

Patience is a virtue that internet experts have learned. Beginners usually come in excited and hopeful and after the excitement dies down, they become frustrated that they were misinformed.In some situations it might be true but mostly they are just plain impatient.One will find that after recruiting a several referrals and guiding them through the program, the referrals start becoming discouraged and complaining that they are not seeing improvements. As a sponsor of those referrals it is difficult to fathom that the referrals expected to succeed overnight. It is usually best to relate their situation to facts like one cannot plant seeds and expect to harvest overnight. This is not to say that the sponsor does not understand the referrals frustration, its just that the sponsor tries to restore the art of appreciating things and letting them take their course.

Its not only referrals who are impatient, people who venture into internet business opportunities tend to quit even after spending a lot of resources in their ventures.They confuse their short term failures with their inability to concentrate on the long term goals. Granted its easy to feel disappointed and tired of the apparent failures that have to be endured while pursuing opportunities,thus we should remind ourselves that business undergoes stages .

Therefore it should be understood that in order to succeed in any opportunity, one needs to learn it fully, be prepared to give it time to be absorbed until one is confident to succeed in the chosen opportunity.It may never be possible to restart once obstacles are encountered or failures are experienced and it may take longer than the previous attempt but the Key here is patience and as with everyone who has taken up internet opportunities will attest to it that it is sometimes tough at the beginning but once one acquires momentum the fruits of labor are much sweeter and the success is long term.


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