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The Benefits of ITIL Training UK

Updated on July 25, 2016

Business is moving online and it is taking the IT sector with it. Good news for those who are studying or working in IT jobs is they IT are predicted to rise by 22% in 2020. But are we ready for this technological move?

HR Magazine has confirmed that under 50% of businesses in the UK will face an “extensive” shortage of IT talent proving that the UK is short of a strong IT skills base. With a few years to go, there is still time for businesses to prepare for this movement. Online training courses are becoming more popular due to the flexibility they offer employees and workplaces. Could your business be enhanced by an ITIL course?

Online Training Courses for Business

Studies have shown that 44% mid to large sized companies in intended to purchase online learning tools and systems IN 2014.Since that prediction, the popularity of online training courses has boosted and learners of all ages are being encouraged to learn new skills and develop their careers.

There are lots of benefits of online learning. Both, Learners and organisations are choosing eLearning courses as a method of online training, as they are helping employees achieve their personal and professional goals. It is more likely for an employee to stay with a business if they are being trained as they will be gaining employment and skills which they can take into their next role. By gaining new skills employees may also be able to advance in their current role and their employer will not that they are eager to grow the business.

The eLearning industry keeps getting stronger, due to the rise in open university and college teaching. Businesses have been impressed by the laid back training approach and It is becoming more popular for individuals, businesses and institutions to use eLearning as a method of study.

Strict classroom training is often hard to organise as employees have annual leave to take and it may be hard for organisations to provide expensive training days for only some of their employees. Online learning is not only an effective method of learning; it is convenient for the learner. These days’ it is possible to connect to the internet using Wi-Fi of 4G almost anywhere in the world.

ITIL Certification

With the skills gap growing it is affecting the productivity of employees as it appears that 44% worry about their role in the business and with this in mind, figures have shown that IT employees are even struggling with advancements in technology.

Sooner or later your business will need to invest in the IT needs of your company – starting with your employees. In the words of Benjamin Franklin said it best, “An investment in education always pays the highest returns.” Organisational training works only if you give your employees time and resources.

Online Training provider, Datrix, claims that ITIL training is one of thier most popular courses. An ITIL certification is an investment in your business and like any economic investment, it can be measured in productivity improvements of your employees and organisation.

The Benefits of ITIL training

A corporate business that invests in ITIL training will have a stronger connection between IT and their business. Incorporating technology into your business may enhance the structure of it, however, you will still need employees that can work the technology. With ITIL your business can move forward with your employees that can use technology to

  • Manage business risks and service disruption
  • Improve customer service which will help your business develop positive relationships with your customers
  • Faster servicing means that your business will be delivering efficient services that meet your customer’s needs
  • This is a cost-effective system which can be updated and adapted
  • Your employees will be a part of your business change therefore as a whole you will be maintaining a stable service environment.

ITIL delivers a robust framework for identifying, planning, delivering and supporting IT services within your business. No matter what size of business you run, this online course can be adapted and applied to all businesses.


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