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Best IaaS Cloud Computing Companies | IaaS price and Services

Updated on May 4, 2012

Amazon Web Services (AWS) IaaS Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services have decided on providing the form of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing service.This means they give storage, computing power and other services which the organizations require. The Amazon AWS claim to give advantage of the global computing infrastructure design of This technology is the core of widespread transactional and retail enterprise built-up by Amazon.

Following are the Infrastructure –related services provided by Amazon.

  • Simple Storage Service S3 -Unlimited amount of data can be stored or retrieved from anywhere at any time through the Web from the S3 services.
  • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) -The EC2 web services are the ones which supply resizable and scalable iaas computing capacity under the cloud environment. They make the creation process of servers and machines at the click of a button. These machine instances are called virtual machines (VMs).A customer can load any software of his wish in these servers. They can activate, or terminate the servers at anytime they wish. The payments are made as per the amount of time the servers are used.

AWS Amazon Web Service IaaS Cloud
AWS Amazon Web Service IaaS Cloud

Amazon Cloude Iaas Price In US

Amazon Cloud Computing IaaS price in US, North Virginia
Amazon Cloud Computing IaaS price in US, North Virginia
Amazon Cloud Computing IaaS price in US, North California
Amazon Cloud Computing IaaS price in US, North California

Amazon Cloud Iaas Pricing

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is the backbone of amazon web service, which deals with vendoring resizable compute capacity in the cloud. By this, you pay only for what you use.I you want to understand the iaas price of amazon then you should learn some of the basic terminology related to their service. The pricing is based on the scheme your prefer they call theses schemes as ‘instances. Following are the Instance types you can choose, please bear in mind that there are several sub-schemes inside which I have not mentioned here as this is just an overview. The sub-schemes range from cheap price to high rates as the resources increase:

Standard Instance

This family of instances is well suited for most applications it has sub-schemes from 2GB to 15GB of minimum memory and 32 or 64 bit platforms.

Micro Instance

This Instance family provides small amount of consistent CPU resources and allow you to burst CPU capacity when additional cycles are available. These are perfect for low throughput applications and web sites that consume significant compute cycles periodically. It starts from just 613 MB of memory.

High-Memory Instance

As the family name of this instance suggest, it focus on the memory need of the client. It can provide special schemes for Extra Large, Double Extra Large and Quadruple Extra Large memory with corresponding difference in the cloud iaas price.

High-CPU Instance

Such instances are where the clients need better CPU resource than memory, they are suited for computer-intensive application. The CPU resources are termed as ‘EC2 Compute Units’. The rough conversion of EC2 Compute Units are given below.

1 EC2 Compute Units = 1 virtual core with 1 EC2 Compute Unit

4 EC2 Compute Units = 2 virtual core with 2 EC2 Compute Unit

8 EC2 Compute Units = 4 virtual core with 2 EC2 Compute Unit

Cluster Compute Instance

This family of instances is all about ‘networking’. They provide High performance Computed (HPC) applications and other network-bound applicaiont.

Now as you are familiar with the basic terminology in amazon EC2 you can go forward to see the iaas cost.The vendors iaas price may vary according to the location of the clients.The amazon iaas cloud price list for United States North Virginia and North California are given as a charts, refer them for the exact cloud cost (click on them to view full size).

More on Amazon Cloud....

Simple Queue Service (SQS)

Finally the curtain between the consumer and the producer is lifted of by the advent of SQS services. The objective of SQS is to provide a consistent hosted message queue system that can settle issues arising between the demands – supply procedure.

Cloud Front

This is the front end work of the whole system. The iaas Cloud Front interacts with the user with high performance. It is integrated with S3 which durably delivers the service to people at any corner of the world. The content’s are delivered with maximum speed routed through the nearest edge locations.

Simple DB

This is the heart of the database of the whole system. It follows the functions of a normal database such as data indexing and querying. The service performs in tie up with the S3 and EC2, all these components collectively provide the ability to store, process, and query the iaas cloud database, this makes the cloud computing service much more or similar or even better than desktop computing. This is also much more cost-effective for the data base operators.

Other Intresting Cloud Computing Companies IaaS and SaaS Pricing

Proofpoint ( IaaS, SaaS ) Cloud Computing

Proofpoint provides both IaaS cloud computing and SaaS (Security as A Service), the company more or less concentrates in securing the enterprise email infrastructures in the iaas cloud computing environment. This includes several services such as archiving, email security, data loss prevention and encryption. This gives more security to the users as they don’t need to store their mail and private documents in their system and hence less vulnerable to the threat of hacking and hijacking. All a person would want would be a netbook. The iaas cloud computing services offer by Proofpoint is as follows:

Enterprise Iaas Cloud

The major enterprises cannot survive with limited mail accounts and storage for the hundreds of incoming and outgoing mails every day. They require better email security and data loss prevention solutions for sustenance and efficiency. The Proofpoint offers a “Privacy” bundle with its enterprise email solution, and also options for encryption of data.

ProofPoint IaaS Cloud
ProofPoint IaaS Cloud

Shield SaaS Cloud Computing

This is a SaaS oriented component but I don’t feel to proceed without mentioning about it. This component works well for spam mail reduction and Denial of Service and Intrusion prevention.

Archive IaaS Cloud Computing

It is a highly demanded email archiving service that resolves email storage problems completes. The company uses patented encryption technology and secures the messages while on transmission as well as editing at the Proofpoint data centers. The solution also makes it possible for making legal appeals during e-discovery .That means you can secure all data regarding a legal case and ensure the replication at the time of lawsuit.

Iaas Cloud Service of RightScale
Iaas Cloud Service of RightScale

RightScale IaaS

RightScale is actually a supportive to IaaS cloud computing. It assists enterprises in managing cloud computing services offered by Amazon, FlexiScale and GoGrid. The RightScale platform allows organizations to manage and maintain the iaas cloud deployment by providing additional iaas cloud features. RightScale’s pricing is also based on the associated features and server times.

Cloud Management Environments IaaS

The iaas cloud management service of RightScale provides a simplified dashboard control, life cycle support, and administration of the whole enterprise. The dashboard provides a transparent access to and control over all aspects of iaas cloud deployment, including underlying scripts, input parameters, real time monitoring, ServerTemplates and manual or automatic response.

IaaS Cloud Ready ServerTemplates

These are very helpful sort of library for choosing the server configuration. The library contains a vast list of server models to choose from, just like we choose laptops for purchase. These server templates can even be cloned, or customized for specific requirements. This can save a lot of custom server configuring time.

IaaS Adaptable Automation Engine

The iaas cloud adaptable automation engine service comes into play when the corporation is met with a specific situation like, natural disaster, power failure etcetera. New servers will be added or the unnecessary ones will be decommissioned according to the call of situation.

Multi-cloud Engine

The Multi- cloud Engine interacts with iaas cloud computing application programming interfaces (APIs) and manages the unique aspects about each cloud. By using this technology the corporations are not just locked on to one single iaas cloud albeit they are given multiple clouds to choose from and deploy.

The type or services offered by RightScale are hoped to hit the market by storm and bring in new investment opportunities in iaas cloud computing. We can forecast a good future for IaaS Cloud Computing Service as the major companies have launched the services and Cloud Computing Certifications up in air!


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