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Iain Duncan Smith: Work and Pensions Secretary Showing Contempt For The Poor.

Updated on December 21, 2015
IDS:  Iain Duncan Smith.
IDS: Iain Duncan Smith. | Source
Cartoon Of The Conservatives Controversial Welfare Reforms.
Cartoon Of The Conservatives Controversial Welfare Reforms. | Source

DWP Man At The Helm Iain Duncan Smith Lives In Wife's Mansion.

Iain Duncan Smith since being put in charge of the Department Of Work and Pensions (DWP) by David Cameron in 2010 and put back into the job after David Cameron's re - election in the British 2015 general election must be one of the most hated and reviled politicians ever to hold a government post.

The man has been the subject of a UN sponsored investigation into the number of suicides of people since having their benefits taken away or sanctioned or not getting the benefit called ESA (Employment and Support Allowance) after failing a controversial test all people who claim to be ill have to go through to get the benefit.

The benefit shake up since this government came into power in 2010 and then re - elected in 2015 has hit certain people who depend on benefits either to top up their working wages or because they cant work or are looking for work hard.

David Cameron's front bench team have been accused of being out of contact with real people and not knowing what it is like to live on benefits or low wages as many of them come from Oxford/Cambridge educational backgrounds and many have never had a proper job in their lives just being career politicians.

The benefit system I believe needed shaking up to sort out those who were able to do some work from those who genuinely could not work but the way the government has done it with a one size fits all mentality in my book does not work.

George Osborne Chancellor Of The Exchequer (Finance Minister) was going to cut Working Tax Credits and many families depended on this benefit to top up their wages but the House Of Lords overturned the bill as many party members of Labour, Conservative and Liberal - Democrats plus others had come out against it. Now George Osborne is not going to go through with cutting Tax Credits but he is going to slash Universal Credit which is a benefit that has put former benefits like JSA (Jobseekers Allowance) and ESA (Employment and Support Allowance) into this new one benefit.

Labour's Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Owen Smith has criticised this move and said the Conservatives should re - think this idea of cutting Universal Credit. Iain Duncan Smith for his part has said people affected by this should work even harder to make up the short fall which has also been condemned by Owen Smith.

Current Home Secretary Theresa May said once upon a time at a Conservative Conference she did not want the Conservative party to be seen as the nasty party when it came to benefits jobs and the poor. I think today Theresa May should eat her own words as it seems thats what the Conservative party has become.


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