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Potential Employers To Find Your Next Job

Updated on September 7, 2009

Finding A Job Is Not A Walk In The Park

Finding a new job is never simple. Starting a job search During tough economic times, finding a job is even harder. But it's always possible to land a great new job or career with just a little push to really jumpstart your job search.


My Own Experience In Job Seeking

I had the office experience. I had the tools to get the jobs. But I still spent 6 months at home because I was lacking a few key elements. Desire, open-mindedness, and will.

I wanted to work, but I was so consumed with where I would want to work that my job search became like shopping for a new house. I had a set list of necessities and I wasn't going to settle unless I found them. This is where I went wrong and this is where many people go wrong when doing a job search. I worked in Payroll at my last job. Who'd have thought I'd end up working in an environment that sold sheet metal. I'd never have guessed that this would be the very best outcome for me.

To put things in simpler terms. A job seeker must think outside the box for their job search. A job seeker must throw out the itemized list of requirements in new employment and start fresh. Let the perfect job find you.

The Perfect Job Will Find You, But You Have To Let It Know Your Looking For It

The perfect job is like the right companion. When you try to hard, it never seems to happen right. When you just open yourself up to the world and let the world know your out there and looking, the right job will find you.

That is what your job search can be about and it can work wonders.

Don't Limit Yourself On Your Job Search
Don't Limit Yourself On Your Job Search

How To Put Yourself Out There

When you send a resume to one company, it will get viewed by just the people within that company. To increase the chances of landing a great job, you want to put your resume out there and have it seen by many companies. Here are some ideas

  • Post your resume on Craigslist
  • Attend a job fair. Bring many copies of your resume and dress appropriately. Don't just hand out your resume, speak with the representatives.  
  • Post your resume at local message boards
  • Save Time, Make phone calls. Instead of going door to door, go to local online phone directory and do a search for your desired field. Call everyone in your desired driving range and ask to speak with their HR person. If they are hiring ask if you can send your resume by e-mail and get the e-mail address  

Apply To Many Jobs

Do not limit yourself to only applying the the jobs that seem "cool". If you are browsing open jobs and you meet the desired qualifications, apply. Decide after the interview if its right for you or not.. A posted job description may seem boring, or not your cup of tea, but give it a shot and make your decisions later. 


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