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Ideas For Dealing With Negative Colleagues

Updated on August 20, 2011

You may be highly positive-minded but you can not expect that every one in your workplace will also be like that. You may have a few highly repulsive negative-minded people in your office. These people can unsettle you, negatively impacting your mind also. You will feel as if you have been robbed of your power to face challenges. This will ultimately affect your performance and productivity. But, unfortunately, you may have to live with them and work with them.

You can easily identity such people. They always complain about their work and also about the company. According to them, they never get appreciation even though they work better than all the others. They will never stop grumbling about the way they are treated. They will say that while others are treated nicely, they are getting a raw deal from the management. You should know how to deal with these people. Otherwise, you can not bear their tirade against the whole set-up. You should eliminate the fear of talking or interacting with them from your mind. The following few suggestions may help you:

- It is better you plan and organize your work in such a manner that you are not forced to spend much time with these people. This will reduce your stress. With your creativity, you can invent ways to avoid working with them because these people, with their negativity, can complicate your emotional balance. Another problem is that each of these people will have their own reasons for having such an attitude. You need not know these reasons because you can not correct them. In fact, if you listen to their versions of stories, your positive attitude may completely be affected. By interacting with them and listening to their stories, you will rather reinforce their negative attitude. Even if you are forced to spend time with such people, you should limit your discussions to the work on hand and get away from the scene. If you stay longer than necessary, you may unnecessarily be drawn into discussions and this may cause extreme stress to you.

- If you really feel that you should help these people, you can advise them to seek help from the Human Resources Manager, who may have apt solutions for changing the behavior of these people. If these people are not ready to approach the HR manager, you can tell your HR manager about them. This suggestion is given because negative people can cause severe problems for the rest of the employees.

- You should stop dwelling on the problem created by these people. Whenever you start thinking about them, you should immediately take out a notebook of inspirational quotes and start reading them. This will insulate you from their negativity. But, if you allow yourself to be affected, you will develop fatigue which may also cause nervous tension. J.A. Hadfield, a great psychiatrist, says, "the greater part of the fatigue from which we suffer is of mental origin; in fact, exhaustion of purely physical origin is rare".

- Last but not the least, you should put all your enthusiasm in what you do. If you are interested and excited about what you do, you will rarely be affected by negativity.


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    • Ms Dee profile image

      Deidre Shelden 

      7 years ago from Texas, USA

      Thinking of a past situation I was in at work, your suggestions are very valuable. Positive people to have to work to maintain their positiveness so not to wilt when negativity from other sources threaten. Great perspective on this. Voted Up!


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