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Ideas for Good Ways Kids can Make Money Online

Updated on January 30, 2012

You see mom or dad earning money online and you want to too. Many income generating websites have an age limit and often the age limit is 18. Here are a number of legitimate ways that those under 18 can earn money online. I’m not really suggesting this for kids aged around 10, but really for those 14 and up.


Sorry, you need to be 18 to open a HubPages account.

Google AdSense

You have to be 18 to have a Google AdSense account. However, if you are under 18 your parents can apply for one for you and receive the payment. Here are the official rules from Google.


InfoBarrel pays you through Google AdSense. There is no age limit with opening an account on InfoBarrel. You are allowed to write on InfoBarrel and use your parent's Google AdSense code. Then when you turn 18 you can change the code to your own code. I specifically checked and this is within the rules of both Infobarrel and Google. You can also write articles without a Google AdSense account, and then add it when you turn 18. By that time your articles will be mature.


Xomba pays you through Google AdSense. You have to be 14 to write on Xomba. You are allowed to write on Xomba and enter your parent’s Google AdSense code, then when you turn 18 you can change the code to your own. Please remember any earnings you earn on your parent’s account will be taxed at your parent's tax rate.


You have to be 18 to have a WebAnswers Account. It is in the FAQs, but they don’t ask you your age when you open an account so many people don’t know this and open an account when they are under 18. If you do open an account and link your parent’s Google AdSense account to your WebAnswers account, you are not allowed to change it when you become 18. You are only allowed one WebAnswers account per person.


Bukisa pays you through Google Adsense. You have to be 18 to have a Bukisa account.


You have to be 18 to open a regular PayPal account. But if you are 13 or over your parent can open a student account for you. There are many places you can earn money online that pay you through PayPal.


Squidoo pays you through PayPal. You have to be 18 to write on Squidoo or your parent has to be a proxy for you. Your parent does that by writing a note to Squidoo giving you permission to have an account.


Fiverr pays you through PayPal. It’s not an article writing site, but you can be creative with what you can do for $5. I did best with a long article I wrote and then sold it over and over for $5.


You can create your own blog or webpage and add your parent's Google AdSense account. When you turn 18 you can change the AdSense account to your own. 

Write and Wait

If your parent doesn't want you to use their Google AdSense account, you can still publish articles and wait until you are 18 before adding your own Google account. With article writing, older, more mature articles do better, so you can write articles now and when you are 18 and start to earn, they will be mature articles. 



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    • profile image

      Braxton Gunnell 4 years ago

      What do you have to do to get a squidoo proxy?

    • profile image

      Enter witty name here. 5 years ago

      Is there any websites to earn money GBP not Dollars

    • Cyber Scribe profile image

      Cyber Scribe 5 years ago from Cyber Space

      If you take off paypal commission, it's actually $3.92

    • Hally Z. profile image

      Hally Z. 5 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      Actually, Fiverr pays you $4 for every gig that you do, not $5.

    • profile image

      Crazy101 5 years ago

      I think there should be ways for younger kids too. But has great ideas! :)

    • Tryphena profile image

      Tryphena María 6 years ago from Panama

      Great Article!