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5 Secrets to Increase Your Productivity

Updated on July 29, 2019
Jagatheesh Er profile image

Jagatheesh is a common man who is still single and loves to write about the feelings of mankind.

Productivity alludes to the rate at which a task is performed. Success can be defined by the output of a person or an Organisation. Productivity is not spending more hours at work but it is to be more efficient in the hours you already work. Being productive is a key quality for success. Here are the top 5 secrets to improve your productivity.


1. Plan your day

The quality that separate the productive people from others is their way of planning their work. Your plan should be simple and executable. The best way to plan your assignment is by writing the work order for the day in a day-book in an order based on their priority. Your plan should be made before you start your day, you can plan early in the morning or you can make the plan in the previous night. When you have a clear structure of things to do for the day, you will avoid spending your time in unproductive work. It will save you the time spent in useless things and help to do your task with more perfection. Remember perfection is the key that separates the proficient person from the crowd.

More than seven billion people are living in this planet but only less than five percent are really productive in their work. The quality that separates the productive people form the crowd is their ability to follow their plan without anomaly. So make a plan to excel be a leader in your work as the world needs more productive people, find the one in you.

‘All things will be produced in superior quantity and quality, and with greater ease, when each man works… without meddling with anything else’

— Plato


No one can make a perfect plan but a plan can be improvised based on your daily experience. The first and foremost way to improve your plan is by Journaling. At the end of your day take a journal and write the work you did, people you meet, events that gives you stress, small incidents that brought you the smile, tasks you completed, tasks you failed to complete as per your plan and other small incidents for the entire day. After writing all the events, analyse your day make a note on the things that consumed more of your energy also write the possible solution to overcome the breach in your plan for the day. The most important point to keep while journaling is writing the possible alternatives near the problems and the events for the day, because once you write the solution it will get saved in your subconscious mind and then automatically your mind will give you the alert when you face the same situation again. Journaling will help you to prioritize your productive work for the next day and to help you to stay away from the avoidable situations. You will feel the difference in your daily life once you complete the task of journaling for a month.

3.Physical Activity

Being active and more productive is one of the common attribute of successful people. Physical activity is the key habit of the successful people for their consistent victory in their work. It will increase the blood flow to your brain which keeps the brain active for more hours.A study conducted by University of Georgia proves that people with some physical exercises have more productivity than those who are not doing regular physical activity. Physical activity will produce endorphins in brain which acts as natural painkiller, and it improves your ability to sleep thereby overcoming the stress and enhancing your productivity. Remember you don't have to go to a gym to find the Jay Cutler in you, just go for a walk/jog, use bicycle to go to your office, do some push-ups or try super brain yoga. Remember pumping your heart will remove the toxins in your heart and it will help you to have a sound mind. Always remember best paintings can be made only in great canvas.

U.S. Army soldier running to maintain his health
U.S. Army soldier running to maintain his health | Source

4.Make books as your companion

In response to a question Warren Buffet gave the following suggestion for students "Read 500 pages like this every day,” while reaching toward a stack of manuals and papers. “That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will do it.”

Reading a good novel or a book will open a new window in your life and subsequently it will reduce the stress in your mind. Reading a book helps you to travel a different world, it will help you to increase your focus which improve your productivity. Regular reading will improve the brain power and helps you to find the best qualities within you. It will give better knowledge and awareness in life. With better awareness you will get better choices and with better choices you will get better results. But you should be always aware of two things.

  • Reading a right book
  • All the books are not meant to be completed.

Moreover you can find solution for every single problem of mankind in books, they are like a compass in Jack Sparrow's hand which help you to travel in the right direction when you are in the ocean of confused thoughts. So have a book as your companion all the time to find your true potential.

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.”

— Ernest Hemingway

5.Refreshing Breaks

The efficiency of work done by a person entirely depends on the quality of their rest. The monotony in your work will gives you the stress and eventually your productivity will be reduced. Regular break from your routine life will help you to break your boredom life style and it will help you to refresh your energy. Travelling is the most effective way to spend your holiday. It helps you to enter the new world different from your daily life, meet new people, enhance your tolerance for Uncertainty, and finally helps you to find the real you, which eventually relieve your stress and boost the enthusiasm in your life. During travelling always do the things that you never tried before in your life, it will give you new perspective about your life, try some adventurous sports.

A study published in science direct magazine in 2016 advocated for the adventures sports to relieve stress. While going for adventures your body and mind will be lubricated by hormones like Endorphin - the happiness hormone , Serotonin -relaxation hormone, Dopamine and Oxytocin. These hormones will break your stress and monotony in your thinking and helps you to find the better person in you. As an enlightened person your productivity will be improved which will help you to reach greater heights in your life.

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.”

— Jack Kerouac

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Jagatheesh Aruchami


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