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The main cause of employee turnover

Updated on July 23, 2014

Employee turnover

Employee turnover is the term that indicates employee leaving from the organization or removing from the organization. The relationships between employee and employer terminate by employee turnover.

In new situation employee turnover became an organizational and social problem. Turnover rate is calculate in a year total employee vs number of employee who is detached from job.

Classification of employee turnover

Employee turnovers classification is changing with the changing of social structure. In new environment turnover may classify into two class.

1. Normal turnover

2. Abnormal turnover

Normal turnover- Normal employee turnover means a normal leaving from job. Just for example, Normal retirement, resignation with employees own accord.

Abnormal employee turnover includes illegal termination, a forceful resignation, redundancies

A new format of resignation

In a long research on sales job. A new format of resignation have been found and I named it disguised resignation. It is such kinds of resignation that employee does not want to commit. But he made boud to resignation. This is due to avoid the legal facts.

Hence resignation now is not in its original definition. The definition of resignation is somewhat deviated.

Highest frequency of recruitment and highest level of turnover

An astonishing matter is that few organization are found to recruiting employee with highest. Their turnover rate is so high. Per month they are recruiting 30 to 40 employee. But after a period of year they are remaining approximately same number of employee.where is going their employee. Are they recruiting in view of removing someone to remove. Are they recruiting them to remove after a few period of time.

Identification of the major cause of employee turnover in a business organization

Do not overwhilm with a large parameter of causes of employee turnover. Identify the major cause. To reach in the proper identification do some evaluation of the causes.

Define employee turnover as a problem

Problem is the term that indicates an emergency or necessary of finding the effective solution. In mathmatical context a set of few neumaricals when exposed for its value, then it is called a set of problem for reach in a solution. In social context there may found a lot of sujects thats are creating harms in as usual life living. It becomes important to minimise these problem or to erase for a smoth life living. Just for example in a crowded city there may have a lot of problem such as population, trafic crowding, crimes, broken law system. For a smooth life living these should be minimise. In an organization organizational politics is a great problem. In this case it becomes important to minimise.

Uncover the original causes of employee turnover

We all know about the history of public health. Once in a certain area of london a range of peoples are affacting by cholera. They are going to doctor and doctors are giving them medication. It becomes a great problem. Dr. Smith thought about the matter. He discovered a tube wale from where a small areas of people consume water. He found that these peoples are affecting by cholera who was drunk water from there. He thought that something exists in that tube wales water that is causing cholera. Ipeoples avoid to drink water from that tube wale they can avoid cholera. The conception of public health emerged from this history. Public health is for save a community instead of medication of a single individuals. It

For a smooth operation of an organization it is important to minimise the main cause of employee turnover

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    Identification the main causes of employee turnover which is a great problem

    Instead of overwhelming with a plenty of causes identify the main causes of the problem and try to minimise it. If possible try to erase it. In an organisation if employee turnover be the major problem, it is important to identify the major and origin of the problem and to take an effective action against it. There may be found a lot of parameter of causes. But every causes is not the main causes of the problem. There may be found a specific causes that is responsible for the cause a greatly. It is better to identify this originated cause. If the origin cause can identify it is possible to protect emergence of different causes.

    How shamelessly employed a child under 18 with low price

    Employer when look for employee with low price also leads a pressure resignation and an illegal termination

    I looked in most case turnover happened by a low priced employee replacement by removing existing employee who is compatibly high priced. Even in this case if required to recruit any children, employer do that. The view of the employer acts to employ individuals maximum time with low prices. Hence he tends to look all time an alternative who can do good from existing. When new employee comes he do good. But after a few period employer started to dissatisfy with him, because his need increases. From more benifit from existing one, he starts to create pressure on him. The roots of dissatisfaction first plant between employee and employer.


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