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How to Identity Good Resources

Updated on January 1, 2017

In this article I will walk you through my process for choosing good resources for my speech on invasive species. Feel free to borrow my sources for your own papers or speeches just make sure to cite them correctly so that you are not a plagiarizer.

You can look at the bottom of this article for how to cite the sources for a speech in MLA format feel free to copy and paste them for you own paper if you would like, but remember to indent the second, third, fourth, and so on lines of each reference or citation in you bibliography.

Identify 4 to 6 resources (a combination of popular and scholarly) that you will use to support your speech. Describe how you found the resources and explain how you will use them to support your speech. Then, in 2 or 3 sentences, reflect on why it is important for you to gather supporting resources. How could this activity help you in other courses and real-life experiences?

I located the resources that I will use to support my speech through two different methods. I obtained my scholarly sources through the SNHU Shapiro Library. I acquired the scholarly sources through using different search terms until I located the sources I needed. For my popular sources I used Google. I found that it took me longer to find my sources on Google because a majority of the sources were not from reliable websites.

I plan to use the article titled “How Invasive Species Impact the Environment” to support the sections of my speech on the impact of invasive species. This article explains the effect of invasive species and provides examples of invasive species that have negative impacts on people, animals, and the environment. I intend to use “Invasive Species: Threats, Ecological Impact and Control Methods” in my introduction to explain to my audience what invasive species are. I will utilize the statistics in the abstract from “Invasive species: What everyone needs to know”. This resource states:

“Of the 7,000 estimated non-native species present in North America, approximately 1,000 are invasive. Clearly, invasive species are in the minority, but their small numbers don't keep them from causing billions of dollars in economic and ecological harm each year” (Simberloff, 2013).

I will use this statistic to convince my audience of the negative nature of invasive species. The “Four Threats - Quick Facts” article will be used in my speech to support my point on the costs of invasive species.

I learned that supporting resources are important because the resources prove to the audience that I researched the topic of my speech and that the facts presented in my speech are proven facts. While supporting resources are important in speeches they are also important in research papers as well; I feel this activity has helped to teach me the value of having supporting resources. The knowledge I gained from this activity will assist me with writing papers for my future college courses.


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