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Idle Energy

Updated on April 4, 2011

Why Are People Unemployed?

With reports that Global Warming's real, and we are bound to drown,

and life, as we now know it, in the forecast, will sink down,

why are people unemployed when there is so much work to do?

Where is the leadership with vision

that can make great things come true?

We have the ingenuity to survive beneath the sea.

Even out in space, nations orbit peacefully.

All this idle energy breeds tension into hate,

as the toxin of frustration decays what resource can create.

So much strength, good will, and aptness, standing by the road,

praying for a job to do, with gratitude, if one's bestowed.

Yet, even though it's obvious we can build what can survive,

where even in extremes our tools and vehicles keep us alive,

so many people are unemployed, wasting time, and human life,

as if we have not yet evolved to foresee and conquer strife.

Does faith mean trusting what's been done, or what is yet to be?

Does Almighty mean just on the Earth, or through the gal-ax-y?

Do we believe in our potential, and that the Earth is really round?

Or do we still believe the world will end when new horizons have been found?

It is time to be strong, and not foolish. Not proud, nor hostile, nor rude.

Let belief in Life's ultimate power include human unity in its mood


Bradley Coldbrook

May 26, 2010


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