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If You Are Bored At Work, Why Not Improve Your Karma?

Updated on January 18, 2014

Nobody should ever be bored at work if you think about “karma.” Soka Gakkai Dictionary of Buddhism defines “karma” as “potentials in the inner, unconscious realm of life created through one's actions in the past or present that manifest themselves as various results in the present or future. Try some of these techniques below, and see how your life will improve. You will be happier at your job and less bored, and your mind will be clear to receive good benefits. You will find clarity of mind to make the right decision when the time comes. You could start with one of these suggestions per day or per shift and see how you feel.

Greet Someone Kindly

Nobody is better than anyone else, not even your boss. Shakyamuni (“Buddha” or “Enlightened One”) maintained that what makes a person noble or humble is not birth but one's actions. So, when you encounter someone in the hallway or lunchroom, you can simply smile and say hello. If you have any interaction with the public, start your encounter with a smile and a hello. Smiles are always free, and it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown. And you could brighten someone else’s day. During any point in time, human beings can feel a whole realm of feelings, such as frustration, anxiety, fear, sadness, etc. Your positive greeting can break someone’s negative feelings.

Here are some example:

· Hello, Joe. We keep bumping each other today.

· Hello, Joe. How’s today treating you?

· Hello, Joe. Happy Friday.

Active Listening

Most people tend to forget about active listening. How often does your mind wander when listening to someone else because you are feeling sorry for yourself for being so bored? Isn’t it frustrating to encounter someone who is out to lunch? If you are dealing with the public, a customer might even complain to your boss. In fact, an employee could be rated poorly because they are not paying attention. If the conversation is important, it is embarrassing to ask someone to repeat the instructions because your mind wandered. Instead, turn your boredom around by practicing active listening.

Here are some tips:

· Look at the speaker.

· If you understand, nod.

· If necessary, take notes.

· If you do not understand, raise questions. Or, ask the person to clarify a point.

· Repeat the main issue back to the speaker so that the speaker can tell that you are actively listening. For example, if a colleague goes into detail that his basement is flooded and gives you the deals, you can reply, “That’s a lot of work, and you have more work ahead of you, I’m sure.”

You may feel like you are pretending that you are listening, but over time, the pretending will become real through active listening and caring.

Testing Your Patience

You may be bored because you have done the same task too many times. Even if you know the purpose of your tasks or the problem that caused it to become your task, it is difficult to escape the thought of how boring the task is. You don’t have to be evaluated or rated to escape utter boredom. Instead, tell yourself that this task is a test of your patience.

What does it mean to have your patience tested? A person cannot live on excitement all of the time. People like trial attorneys and paramedics are under pressure all of the time, and their patience is being tested as well, in the other extreme. Being at your job, you have already made a choice that it is more important to be compensated than not. You always have the choice to quit the job, which would cure the boredom but is limiting in other ways and could create a host of other problems. The patience that is being tested is your ability to do the task, even under boring circumstance.

How can you ease the boredom? If you have done it already, shouldn’t it be a breeze to accomplish the task? If it is not an easy task, then isn’t it time to update the method or process of doing the task? Shouldn’t you have the knowledge to get the task done? Can I do it “better” than the last time I did it? “Better” is a difficult word to define. If you are retrieving something for someone, think about how you can go directly to the place where it is being stored and get it with ease. Just think, you would rather have the task be too easy than too hard.


Millions of people are still out of work. In this tough economy, you should be grateful to have a job. It is important to act in a way to keep your job. So, by avoiding the thought of boredom, you will avoid behaving in a way that would cause your boss to replace you. There are plenty of people who would love to have your job. You might think that your employer will have to invest and train another person. However, nowadays, more employers merely ask the new employees to just follow and learn on the job. Even worse, there are jobs that are being eliminated because robots are replacing people, or the company is transferring those jobs to India. As said quite succinctly in the Veggie Tales, a thankful heart is a happy heart. Gratitude is an easy way to cure boredom.

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The Power of Now

How often are you so consumed by your personal problems that you cannot concentrate? Your personal problems become an obstacle to doing your job and can turn any interesting job into a boring job just because you are not living in the present. You are either living in the past, reliving the problem and all of scenarios of what you could have done, or you are living the future and how you are going to fix them. In the power of now, you push out your problems so that they do not make your job boring. When you are not bored, the day will pass faster and then you can concentrate on dealing with your problems. It may be difficult if emotions are involved, such as a dying pet, piling unpaid bills, or your child’s behavioral problems at school, but try to push all of these problems out of your mind.

Even if you do not have personal troubles, you may be edgy for a promotion or over someone else’s promotion. Push all of those thoughts out of your mind. Just concentrate at the task that is being asked of you and try to keep your mind free. Live in the present.

Pick Up A New Fact Every Day

If you are learning, then you are not bored. Nobody knows everything, including you. I learn from everybody I meet, including the people who service my building such as plumbers, electricians, elevator technicians, guards, etc. If your job involves reaching out to other units or other companies, find a better telephone number or ask the name of a new contact in another unit. At jobs where you stock products, stop and read the packaging. If you are at a clothing store, read a new label on a merchandise.

I have been at my job for over 16 years, and every day, I am never bored. The opportunity to improve your karma is limitless, and even better, you will be less bored.


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    • formosangirl profile image

      formosangirl 6 years ago from Los Angeles

      Thanks again for visiting and commenting on my hub.

    • hubs123 profile image

      hubs123 6 years ago

      NO i really love it :)

    • formosangirl profile image

      formosangirl 6 years ago from Los Angeles

      Thank you. At my job, I encounter a lot of people who don't seem very happy.

    • hubs123 profile image

      hubs123 6 years ago

      very very nice hub :)


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