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Teacher's Assistant Jobs, How To Become A Teacher's Assistant.

Updated on January 12, 2012

Job opportunities are growing in this area.

If you enjoy the company of children and are interested in teaching, you may wish to consider becoming a teacher's assistant, with the potential to later move on to other areas in the educational field.  This is an excellent position for both males and females.  Teacher's Assistants work in classrooms from preschool to high school, where they generally specialize. They also work in special needs classrooms where the work is especially challenging but also extremely rewarding.

A good Teacher's Assistant can be invaluable, as he/she enables the classroom teacher to devote more time to lesson planning and actual teaching. To be a good Teacher's Assistant you must be patient, just, able to take and follow directions promptly and exactly, be hard working, and non-judgmental. You must have good communication skills and a good command of the English Language, both spoken and written. Facility in another language is always an asset.

As a Teacher's Assistant, working under the supervision of the classroom teacher, your work will be varied. You may work with individuals or small groups. You will help set up the classroom for the day's activities, prepare teaching materials and assignments and provide individual attention and support wherever needed. Teachers' Assistants also help with marking, keeping records, and supervising both in the school and on field trips. Teachers' Assistants in special needs classrooms may also help with dressing, feeding, and lifting. Obviously you must be in good physical condition. Being around children all day means that you may be exposed to childhood illnesses and other health conditions.

Being a Teacher's Assistant will give you a glimpse of what a career in teaching involves. Many Assistants do go on to take teacher training while other are content to remain as assistants but do take some further training which will increase their responsibilities and their earnings. As Teachers' Assistants are now recognized as being an integral and vital part of the education system, job opportunities are steadily increasing.

If you are interested in becoming a Teacher's Assistant, inquire from your local school board what your state demands. State requirements vary. Some only require a High School Diploma and will then provide on-the-job training. Many however, now want some college training, at least a diploma and preferably an associate degree. Volunteer experience working with children is an asset. Remember, the more related education you have, the more valuable you will be as an employee.


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    • bayareagreatthing profile image


      9 years ago from Bay Area California

      Teacher assistants are SO underpaid. My husband is a teacher in the California schools and aides make about $12 an hour (of course our teachers are underpaid too). However, having said that, being in the classroom helping to guide and shape our future citizens is an awesome job. I recently decided to become a sub in my spare time. I wouldn't mind being a classroom aide, but sub work is more flexible. Thanks for your Hub! Nice article.

      PS- for anyone interested

    • doodlebugs profile image


      9 years ago from Southwest

      Great article on becoming a teacher's assistant. They are the unsung heros of education.


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