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If you are Looking For Work

Updated on December 1, 2010

How Best To Deal With Redundancy

At the moment there is so much talk of unemployment, that many people will be wondering if they will still have a job this time nest year. Like everyone else, I need to work to pay the bills, so have been looking around firstly to see what work is out there, and if I am made unemployed what will be the best way to get back into work.

My first thought has been "will I take any work that is offered?" The reality is that yes I will. I know what I enjoy doing, and what I want to do, but I am quite happy to do any job for a while.

I wondered what the situation was, as I have been in work for the last twenty five years and have heard varying tales of how easy/difficult it is to get a job. My first search around the internet led me to find this comment in October.

Minister for Employment Chris Grayling said:

"Unemployment is down and employment is up, which is good news. The private sector is leading the way and creating jobs and opportunities for people across the country. Today’s figures show that businesses are responding well and we will continue to help them expand and develop, as the economy grows.

While you cant guarantee a new job straight away, you can start planning now in case you are faced with some time unemployed.

My first suggestion would be to put a bit of money aside each week, so as you can at least have funds to draw on for at least the first couple of months. It is possible to take out insurance but as more people take up this option, the cost will go up.

You will obviously have to make cut backs, and yet again, it is possible to prepare for that early. While I am shopping now, I buy more of certain items that I need. Bleach, toilet rolls and soap powder don't have use by dates, so I am putting extra away in a spare room. Coffee and some tinned products have a lifespan of a couple of years, so again I am buying a couple of extra tins each time. They will be used whatever happens in the future, so I am not taking a risk and losing out.

It is important to accept what has happened. Some people carry on as if they are in work. They don't go to the Job Centre to get help, and they don't apply for benefits. If you can be sure that you will only be out of work for a few weeks, that is not too bad, but before long, some people realise that they have missed out on vital funds that would help keep them afloat, and that six months later a job in no nearer than it was on day one.

There is a lot of help out there, and people will be able to give you tips on everything from filling in a CV, the benefits you can claim, and even tips on attending interviews.

If you have a mortgage, you will need to look at protecting your home. People in rented properties will get Housing benefit if they do not have sufficient savings, but there is no such payment towards mortgages. Schemes are in the pipeline to help with mortgages, but they are more to do with deferring payments, so you will still be building up a debt, but it should still be dealt with as in the end it may be the difference between being in your house or homeless.

You will have to budget in a way you are not used to. Nights out may be a thing of the past, and you may need to shop at cheaper outlets, but as long as you know what you are doing, you will be able to decide where the hardest cuts must come.

Existing debts will have to be considered and there are sites that will help you decide what needs to be paid first. Invariably it will be your mortgage first, and there will be organisations such as Citizens Advice Bureaus who may be able to come to agreements with other creditors such as credit card companies. Search engines will bring up the best sites depending on your area and level of debt.

It may seem like the worst thing that could happen to you but if you try to see it as a new beginning, a world of opportunities could open up. There could be a new career direction or more training that you wanted to do, but could not justify giving up your job for.

Whatever happens in the future, take all advice, and all offers of help.

Good luck.

Help With Redundancy


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    • profile image

      Larry Wall 

      7 years ago

      Your suggesting of planning is right on target. The real trick is to start planning early--during those days when you think nothing bad will happen to you and you will live forever. Check all the options, Roth IRA, regular IRA, office 401k, even U.S. Savings Bond. Set some money aside so you can really enjoy life when you are older.


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