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If you want to start your career as an Administrative officer

Updated on October 13, 2014

Every organization is managed by a large segment of professionals from various domain to its smooth functioning. One such professionals are administrative officers, fondly referred to as admin and in this article too, I would refer to them as admin. An admin in an organization is responsible for the smoother operation of all the daily activities of an organization. Here is the hub, I am going to unfold the responsibilities that an admin professional performs in their daily life, the skills that they employ and their career scope in one of the prime job destinations of India, called Chennai.



An admin carries out a different set of administrative duties, that allow the smoother and efficient daily operations of an organization. Their responsibilities might vary across organizations, however certain tasks that they perform on a daily basis are the primary ones that they are deemed to perform as an admin professional. They not only ensure that the entire organization works smoothly, but are also concerned with any hindrances or road blocks faced by any other employees in the same organization.
We shall take an in-depth look on the responsibilities that Admin professionals perform, day-in & day-out, in the responsibilities section of this hub.


Responsibilities that come with Admin jobs

The set of responsibilities that they need to perform are entirely dependent upon the type of employer they are working for and the management structure of the organization. Being responsible for efficient functioning of an office setting, they carry out wide range of tasks keeping in mind the various functional domains of an organization and the set of professionals.

So here are the set of primary activities, that you would perform as an admin everyday, which are irrespective of the size of the company or the management structure.

- they use a broad range of word processing softwares; to create and manage spreadsheets and databases.

- developing and maintaining; the expenses made for the office and keeping a close watch on the budget.

- maintaining the inventory of office supplies, equipment and any other materials.

- maintaining records of daily attendance of the employees.

- coordinating with the vendors and other suppliers.

- assigning work stations to employees and organizing the office layout.

- ensuring that the infrastructure of the office is maintained and repaired, if the need be.

- ensuring the minimum head count every day and arranging staff to cover the shortfall and maintain
uniform workload for desired production goals.

- compiling reports & presentations for senior management.

- responding to client queries and complaints.

- maintaining and updating the safety policies for a safe work environment; like conducting regular inspection of electrical and fire alarm equipment.

Skills essential for admin jobs

Admin jobs cover multiple activities, and recruiters generally look for candidates who are hustler and can easily shuffle various tasks once at a time, by prioritizing depending upon the urgency.

The ability to shuffle between various tasks, an admin needs to be a dynamic individual with deep seated character traits in their personality.

Some of the key skills, that form the foundation of their daily job would include;

- excellent verbal and written communication skills,
- organizational abilities,
- finishing act,
- attention to detail,
- ability to work both as an individual and as a part of a team.

Other than the primary skills, the secondary skills that an Admin needs to arm themselves with are:

- ability to work with word processors, to create spreadsheets, manage databases, creating presentations, reports and manuals,
- ability to multi task,
- ability to manage time,
- being able to adapt to new technology and other equipment,
- along with planning and problem solving skills; are the skills that recruiters deeply look for before they hire a candidate for admin jobs.

Essential education qualifications for admin jobs

Admin jobs are skilled based jobs, that only require the essential skills and a graduate degree. However, for Admin job openings in a company might require an additional qualification in administration or business administration. Nevertheless, a graduate degree is the minimum education that you would need to apply for Admin jobs in Chennai.

Post graduate degree holders backed with previous work experience of 4 to 5 years in an Admin role, will get an access to higher salaries and employment opportunities in any of the primier organizations. Graduate degree holders, will certainly get lower annual packages as compared to those of post graduates, and which shall keep rising with the rise in the number of years of work experience as an Admin.

Careerpath Ahead

Being a position from the management side of operations, the career path is well defined and promising. Provided you have a master's degree in management or any other allied subjects. In your initial job, you will be hired as an intern or a trainee, which would serve as a platform for you to acquire and develop skills, that will be the foundation of you career. Make sure you absorb as much as you can during your tenure as a trainee, as the learnings from your role as a trainee will be your ticket to get promoted to the next level of Admin jobs.

After you complete your training or internship, you will be offered a position of an Admin executive, and would be assisting the admin manager in his daily tasks. Like, creating reports, presentations, coordinating with vendors and other agencies that provide the daily essentials or the raw material, if you are employed in an organization from manufacturing or production domain.

After having spent 3-4 years, as an Admin executive; you may now apply for Admin Manager openings, here too your responsibilities will remain the same but you will be loaded with decision making powers and authority.

Depending upon the size of the company and the hierarchial model of the company, as an Admin you can apply for jobs in the higher management of the company; where you would be responsible for managing the team of Admin managers deployed at various geographical locations, business units or branches.

The growth in experience, will also impact your growth as an Admin professional. In the later stages of your career, your annual earnings potential will rise rapidly and which might come with certain added benefits from your employer like; a company owned vehicle, accommodation and paid travel.

Admin jobs in Chennai

Chennai, a prominent job destination in southern part of the country has infinite Admin job opportunities which not only pay well but also puts you on a fast paced career path. The presence of broad range of employers from industries such as; automobile manufacturing, pharma, information technology, shipping and manufacturing allows one to gain industry specific work experience and tread a career path in an industry of their choice.

Not only seasoned professionals, Admin jobs in Chennai are widely available for fresh talent, whom the employers mould with the skills that would increase the efficiency of the fresher candidate and help them absorb the nuances of the daily job that they would perform throughout their career.

Chennai, from career stand point is one of the most attractive job destination among job seekers, due to the presence of wide gamut of employers which come up with Admin jobs in Chennai quite often. One can take advantage of the Admin jobs that keep coming up in Chennai, by applying for them once they have earned minimum one year of experience as an Admin for a faster career progression. Shifting jobs after 6 months will hamper your professional profile, as the recruiter might infer that you are in the habit of switching jobs and may not hire you.


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