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Ignite and Stream Energy

Updated on September 1, 2012


If you're here, then either someone presented the opportunity to you, or you are looking for another source of income. Whatever your reasons are, this article is aimed to provide information about the opportunity as well as tips for how to be successful in the business.

The first thing you should know is that this business is based on a very simple concept: Enroll a few customers and teach others to do the same. This means that there are two kinds of people in this business - those who want to save money, and those who want to make money. The people who want to save money are customers. This category includes your family, friends and neighbors. However, some of these people may also want to make money, so it would be beneficial to introduce them to the business plan so that they can make that choice. Those people who want to make money are associates, who include business-minded people and those friends who are looking for the plan B or are just looking to make some extra money.

What is it, and how does it work?

In case this had not been explained previously, Ignite is the sole marketing arm for the energy provider, Stream Electric and Gas, often shortened to Stream Energy. Ignite is a sub company of Stream Energy and is responsible for all marketing and recruiting for the business. Stream Energy does all of the purchasing of electricity and natural gas that gets distributed to the customers and they are active in the expansion of the business to new states and service areas. It takes 6 months of surveying and $50 million upfront to start an energy company, along with the approval of each state's Public Utilities Commission. Ignite and Stream are certified by the Better Business Bureau and they are registered and approved by the Public Utilities Commission in each state that they provide service to.

How this helps to save money is that they are able to purchase large blocks of energy from the generation companies, and because they can purchase such a large amount, they can get a bulk rate. Also, because they are not spending money on marketing, they have a much lower overhead, and therefore they can lower the prices even further. Consider this - Reliant Energy is a utility company in Houston Texas. They pay $350 million per year to have their name on the stadium for the Houston Texans. Granted, they are the largest energy provider in the area, but they would have to gain a lot of customers to recoup that marketing cost. Also consider this - you ahve probably received fliers from other energy companies, such as MXEnergy or Dominion, telling you that they can provide a lower cost for your energy bills. You have never received a flier from Stream Energy. You will never see a billboard or a stadium with the name Stream Energy advertised. They save $350 million per year by not doing what everyone else is doing. That's why they can make such a profit, and why they can pass the savings to their customers and the revenue to their associates. One associate in particular, Presley Swagerty, a former high school football coach, joined Ignite in 2005 when it was just starting. Over the first 6 years he made $18million and in that same time frame Reliant paid $2.1billion just to put their name on the Texans stadium. That means that Stream paid to Presley only 0.86% of what Reliant pays in marketing just to have their name on a stadium. And that, my friend, is how they can do it, and why it works.

With simplicity comes duplicity

Because the concept is so simple, it is also easy to duplicate. With the business model of 3 & 10, once you get your 3 associates and 10 customers, now it is time to help your 3 associates each do their 3 & 10. This is not to say that you have to stop at 3 associates or 10 customers, but if you find 3 associates who are as ambitious as you, then it may be best to wait until your first promotion before doing another 3 & 10. I'll explain why a little later.

When you are signing people up for your team, you will run across situations where two people know each other and both want to get into the business. It is very important that you do not sign them up "next to" each other. This is because they will end up fighting over common friends instead of helping each other to bring people into the business. My suggestion would be to talk to the person who you think is most introverted first, because the extroverted person is more likely to talk to more people about the business, and therefore they have a better chance of getting their 3 & 10 much faster. By signing up the introvert first, you would then sign the extrovert into the introvert's organization, therefore helping them to get started on building their organization, while also helping yourself to get your 12 associates within 5 levels - leading to your promotion to Managing Director.

Now, here is the reason that you should wait until after your first promotion before doing another 3 & 10. It's because each promotion comes with a pay raise. If you get $100 for each person that you sign up while you are a Qualified Director, and you get $175 for each person that you sign up while you are a Managing Director, then wouldn't it be in your best interest to try to get that extra money for doing the same work?

Now, where this does not work is when the three people in your Director code are not as productive as you would have hoped. This will happen often, because people are naturally skeptical, and many of them will wait to see how you do before they get into it. This is a catch 22, because if everyone waits to see how you do, then that means that no one is signing up, and therefore you can't prove the success of the business. This is when you call in the troops, such as your Managing Director, Senior Director or even Executive Director. Those people want you to succeed because they will get compensated for your efforts, just like you will get compensated from the efforts of the people that you bring in. Don't be afraid to call them - they are waiting for you to call.

Reasons Why

There are plenty of reasons why it would be beneficial to get involved.

  1. It's still ground-floor. Even though they started in 2004, they only added their 5th state in November of 2011 with plans to add one more state every 6 months for 3 years. Furthermore, there are only a handful of states that are currently deregulated, but Congress has mandated that all states must be deregulated by 2015. As of December 2011, people in Colorado still can not choose who they want to provide their energy, so they are at the mercy of the market, but in only a few years they will have that choice, and you will want them to choose you. Maybe you don't know someone in Colorado, but you probably know someone in a neighboring state, and they know someone in a neighboring state, and as it keeps moving outward, eventually you will be getting paid on energy bills from four states away without ever having to go there.
  2. It's recession proof. If the stock market crashes and unemployment sky rockets, people will still pay their energy bills. They aren't going to put food in the fridge if they don't have energy, and they certainly will give up their internet far before they give up their lights. It's a service that everyone has, and you are helping people to save money during a recession. Electricity is not going away, no matter what technology brings. Even the next iPad or ingenious communications device will still require energy. Think about this - what is the market demand for electricity?
  3. It takes 2 years to build your business, and then you can walk away and keep collecting. Maybe you will want to keep working, maybe you'd rather stretch out on the beaches of the Greek Islands. Everyone has a financial freedom number - that is, how much they would have to make in order to not have to work anymore. It could be $2000 a month or $5000 a month. Whatever it is, this business could provide that and lead you to financial freedom. That means, no more working overtime at a dead end job with no chances for advancement. This business has an endless opportunity for income, and once you get started, it just keeps growing.
  4. It's not what you do, it's what you start. Once you get going, the business will continue to grow whether you do anything or not. If you get to the Senior Director level and just stop trying, your business will keep growing and continue to contribute to your income. It gets bigger every month, not smaller. Another great part about this is that you could take your paycheck from this month and head to Atlantic City, go all in on a losing hand and it doesn't matter because it will be back in your account the following month. I don't know about you, but most people don't want to work for their entire lives. This is an opportunity to retire a little earlier than everyone else.
  5. You only need a handful of people. If you were asked to get 100 people then you probably wouldn't do this. The business does not require you to go door-to-door. In fact, you are not allowed to do this, because then your customers do not have that personal relationship with you, so they are less likely to stick with you. You're better off having customers who you talk to on a regular basis, those people that you can send a holiday card with a Starbucks Gift Certificate that says "Thanks a Latte". That personal touch makes a huge difference.
  6. The start-up cost is nothing compared to the possibilities. You can earn 2/3 of it back the day that you sign up and likely receive that check before you get the credit card bill for the initial cost. The immediate income helps you to get back your investment and help get you some extra income while you are building your residual income. The worst case is that you lose $100. The best case is that you become a millionaire. Comparing this to buying other businesses - you could get a franchise for Panera Bread for $35,000 with a 20 year agreement. You could also get a low-cost franchise for a concrete resurfacing company such as CTI for $9500. When comparing to those businesses where you need to continuously gather customers and handle employees, the initial cost for the Ignite business is nothing.
  7. You are buying a business, which means that you can sell it if you want out. I don't know why you would want to, since you can keep getting paid for doing something once, but no one will stop you if you want to sell it. It also provides a pension for up to 4 generations.
  8. No products, no quotas, no deadlines, no repeat sales, no employees, no paperwork or payroll, no advertising. It's a service that everyone has. Other companies do commission based income where you get a percentage of the sale, and you have to keep asking people to buy. This business asks you not to do that. It provides time freedom as well as financial freedom. There are plenty of small businesses that have overhead costs that continue to rise through a recession. Our only overhead is $25 for the website and whatever other costs you choose - such as business cards, computers, printers, coffee at meetings - all of which are tax deductible.

Sustainable Energy

There is a new program that recently came out called Clean Nation. This is a program to promote renewable energy across the nation, available in all 50 states of the USA. I could provide information here about it, but it would be easier for you to check out the website for yourself at

How do I get started?

If someone already showed you the plan, go back to them so that they can help you to personally build your business. After all, this business is about friends helping friends. However, if you don't like that person, or you don't have a way to contact them, feel free to send me a personal message and I can assist you. Or, e-mail

I wish you the best of luck in your entrepreneurial endeavors!


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