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Ikea Job Application

Updated on June 2, 2011

Ikea's thousands of worldwide locations have employed countless happy employees. Workers at the furniture store can look forward to numerous employee incentives. Among these incentives are competitive pay, benefits, and a friendly work staff. If you pursue a career with Ikea you will be required to perform a variety of tasks. Among these tasks are working a cash register, stock/lifting heavy furniture, and customer service. This is of course dependent upon which job position you choose with the company. For some positions you may be required to lift heavy items or stand on your feet for extended periods of time. Ikea is looking for friendly applicants who are interested in working a retail/furniture store setting. Refer to the following information for everything you need to get started

The best way to go about filling out the Ikea job application is through the company's website. From Ikea's home page you will need to select a country/region. From there you will be directed to the stores relevant site. Look for the link towards the bottom corner of the page titled "careers at Ikea." From this link you can search for jobs, learn about Ikea as a career, and read employee stories. To apply you will need to click "Ikea Careers" and then enter your specific city/state. This is a relevant step as the search datebase goes by jobs available in certain areas.

Upon searching Ikea's job database, you will be presented will all available positions near the location you entered. You will notice there are many job positions to choose from. Such job categories include customer service, cashier, sales, logistics, and many more. You can read a description as well as requirements for that job by clicking on it. Once ready, click on the "apply now" tab. This will bring up the relevant job application for the position you chose. If you are not ready to apply you can click on the "save to cart" tab and fill it out later.

To start the application you will need to create a username and password. This is so you can continue the application later as well as check up on the status of the application. Finally, you will be able to begin the official application process. Go through each page filling out each blank with out committing any spelling errors. After you have filling in all required information go back and make sure all the information you entered is correct. A simple mistake on your application may jeopardize your application.

Once you have submitted you online application with Ikea it will stay on file with the company for the required 30 days. To take the next step with your potential employment with the store, give Ikea a call the day after you submit your application. Some people wait for the company to call them, however this is not recommended. Companies such as Ikea are so busy that they often do not have time to call each applicant. Call Ikea regularly to check up on your application. If they are hiring you will be given a date to come in for an interview.

All in all Ikea is a good place for someone to work. They seem to have a lot to offer and appear to be ever-expanding. As an employee you will quickly climb the ranks and there will always be potential for a raise. Additionally you can look forward to receiving benefits. Such benefits include dental, medical, vision, 401k, life insurance, and more. Keep in mind that not all of these benefits may be available. Your benefits will depend on which position you work in.


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