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Image Consulting: A High Paying Career

Updated on April 28, 2011

Industry survey shows that Image Consulting incomes range from $15,000 to $60,000 within the first three to five years of doing business. Some of the established Image Consultants make over $100,000 a year.

Image Consulting: Definition and Meaning

Our image is the reflection of our inner self to the people surrounding us. It influences people’s decision related to us… whether people will agree to our requests, hire us, or pay us the salary we want. Image is extremely important today for being successful in any sphere of life! But in most of the people a presentable image that is capable of drawing attention of others is absent. Image Consulting is the profession of helping people to enhance their image in the eyes of others. It deals with educating, coaching, guiding, and mentoring people in learning the science and art of image management in order to have an impact on other people’s feelings about them. As an image consultant, you can give people advice that will help them achieve what they want - whether it is to get a new job, to make a good impression, or simply to feel good about themselves.

An Image Consultant helps people to learn etiquettes, verbal and nonverbal communications, and how to become presentable in other people’s eyes by emphasizing on visual appearance.

They counsel their clients on grooming, dressing, communications, behavioral skills, and public speaking by organizing seminars and workshops.

As an Image Consultant you might choose to offer services such as:

  • Image Analysis or Makeover Consulting: In this service you will provide feedback to people on the overall image they possess and advice them how to enhance the image for becoming successful in the field they belong.
  • Fashion Styling or Wardrobe Consulting: In this service you will review your client’s current wardrobe and help your client to modify the wardrobe by discarding existing garments and purchasing new ones. This is better known as coordinating outfits and closet organizing.
  • Makeup Analysis: In this service you will help your client to sort out other specific aspects of physical appearance such as color suitability, skin care, and fashionable hairstyle.

However, our image is more than our physical appearance. Our behaviors in different situations form a large part of our image. Therefore, as an efficient Image Consultant, you should also help your clients in the proper learning of:

  • Vocal Communications (such as voice, grammar, and vocabulary)
  • Non-verbal Communications (such as handshakes, posture, and eye contact)
  • Etiquettes (business etiquettes, social graces, dining)

You have to build a network in order to make sure that your clients can avail all the services related to enhancing their image exclusively from you. So build and maintain a solid network with hair stylists, makeup artists, dieticians, dentists, personal trainers, plastic surgeons, and voice coaches to whom you can send your clients.

Image Consulting: As a Career

Image Consulting is reported on consumer trend lists and in business books as one of the fastest growing businesses in today’s service economy. People are dissatisfied with their image and are clueless about where to start to make improvements. People value their time as much as their money. They are willing to pay, for an image consultation, to save them from image anxiety, time and effort.

Image Consultants are hired mainly by individuals like:

  • Women who want a new look
  • Job-seekers
  • Corporate executives
  • Beauty pageant contestants
  • Spouses of recently promoted executives
  • Television personalities
  • Trans-gender individuals
  • Politicians

Nowadays Image Consultants are also hired by corporate clients. For example, a company might hire you to help a new supervisor communicate effectively with employees, or to coach a senior executive to make a good impression during television interviews.

Image Consulting: Earning Potential

Image Consultants are paid up to thousands of dollars a day to present training programs (seminars or workshops) on topics related to image. Companies may hire you to present seminars on topics such as: dressing professionally (including dos and don'ts for casual Fridays), communication skills for new supervisors, and other topics.

Industry survey shows that Image Consulting incomes range from $15,000 to $60,000 within the first three to five years of doing business. Some of the established Image Consultants make over $100,000 a year. Again, it all depends on you, your passion, your preparation, and your perseverance.

Image Consultant: Eligibility Criteria

As long as you have the desire, you can become an Image Consultant. No special education or experience is necessary to break into this career and succeed. People who have worked as cabin crew, hospitality professionals, trainers, counselors, psychologists, recruitment managers, public relation managers, beauty therapists, and fashion designers etc. have an advantage in this career. People who have been exposed to and have a good understanding of some of the elements of image based on their background, travel and meeting people at different levels have a head start in this career.

But if you wish you can join a training course for better results. There are lots of private institutions you can join that provide training on Image Consulting. Most of them follow the curriculum that includes:

Professional Development

  1. Image cycle and elements of success
  2. Professional selling skills
  3. Target clientele and products & clinics to be offered
  4. Public relation and media skills
  5. Training and coaching skills
  6. Marketing

Technical Knowledge

  1. Behavioral aspect of image
  2. Physical aspect of image
  3. Grooming and personal care
  4. Artistic aspect of design on apparel
  5. Wardrobe management
  6. Smart shopping

Business Management

  1. Business set up
  2. Business management

So, what are you waiting for… be an Image Consultant and unleash your potential to earn thousands of dollars in a very short span of time.


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