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Importance Of Advertising

Updated on October 26, 2011

Advertising is a favorable representation of product to make consumers, customers and general public aware of the product. It lets the potential buyers, general public and end users to be aware and familiar with the brands, their goods and services. Before going on to the importance of advertising, we would have an introduction to advertising first.

Advertising can be defined as a paid form of non – professional but encouraging, complimenting and positively favorable presentation of goods and services to a group of people by an identified sponsor. It does not include distribution of free samples or offering bonuses, these are sales promotion. In simplest words advertising is introduction, to consumers and general public, of services and goods.

Many people think that advertising a product means to sell it. But real aim of advertising is to make general public and potential buyers, aware of goods, products and services available under a brand.

Media of Advertising

Means communication by which advertising message conveyed to the audience is called ‘Media of Advertising’. It includes both electronic and non-electronic means of communication.

Importance of Advertising

In a successful business, advertising play an essential and important role. Though advertising does not mean selling of products and services but it helps in increasing your sales. Advertising creates awareness in people. When general public becomes conscious to the products, services and goods under the brands, they persuade people towards these brands and make them buy better brands.

Advertising can be used to create brand awareness in general public and to make business more popular within the circle of potential buyers. Advertising, in a straight line, increases profit of the companies by escalating its revenue. The expenditure made on advertisement can turn as good boost in earnings.

Importance of Non – Electronic Advertising

This mode of advertising advertises brands via newspaper, pamphlets, brochures, magazines, journals and books. By this means of advertising, brands can let people, who are connected directly and indirectly with non – electronic media, know about their supplies. It also includes banners and posters. Non – electronic media is in reach of every locality. Advertising on print media is comparatively cheaper than advertising on television.

Importance of Electronic Advertising

Advertising by means of electronic means of communication is most the popular way of advertising. One can cover a wide range of audiences of all ages, color and gender by using this mean. Television viewers are in every home. If one is advertising on TV the brand would be introduced in almost every house.

Advertising on internet is getting more popular with time. It is the most viable platform available till date, for advertising, sharing news and creating awareness. You can get your advertising reached to every corner of the world.

Importance of Advertising Agencies

Many of the firms have their own department of advertising whose aim is to advertise the company’s merchandise and services to the potential buyers and make general consumers aware of different aspects of their brand.

While, on the other hand, many organizations depends upon advertising agencies for promoting their brands and services which are available under their roof for the consumers’ disposal. Organizations are supposed to pay a certain amount to these agencies for the promotion of their brand name.

Advertising agencies have expert consultants and executives to make proper strategies to promote your brands. They are always there to suggest, help and make most of your advertising cost by promoting your brand on right place, by appropriate means and at suitable time for apt duration.

Advertising, in fact, is proper promotion of the products not selling of item. By means of it organizations can give proper information about their brands to the costumers and consumers. Good advertising helps to increase sale and assist salesman to sale goods and services. It facilitates general people to buy advertised brands. Potential buyers are more interested in buying those brands which are advertised in an attractive manner.

Advertising can form a connection between company and customers. It won’t be wrong in calling advertising a means of communication between companies and their customers. Advertising does not give a proper awareness of brands but a nice introduction of companies as well. Attractive advertising increases the demands of public which directly boost sales of the brand.


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    • profile image

      Aarti 17 months ago

      It was really helpful

    • profile image

      NIHARIKA 6 years ago

      IT WAS 222222222222222222 HELPFUL

    • profile image

      Anne-grace 6 years ago

      This is verrrryyyy helpful....

    • profile image

      sadiq 6 years ago

      this is the best

    • profile image

      malahat 6 years ago

      itz simply..awsum..nice info :)

    • profile image

      Charu 6 years ago

      wonderful .it helped a lot

    • profile image

      bbtr 6 years ago


    • profile image

      navya 6 years ago

      sososososososososososososososo nice............................................................................................................................................ it gives me a good ideas.........................................................................................................................

    • profile image

      MKANJOPE 6 years ago

      It give me good ideas to answer the question i got from my lecture.

    • profile image

      nawahil 6 years ago

      it is wonderful

    • profile image

      abilash 6 years ago

      don't say noncence about advertisement

    • profile image

      sejal 6 years ago

      it's really helpful for me but i wont it's little more easy language

    • profile image

      OSNEL CLAUD 6 years ago

      yap i have got some thing important..thanks

    • profile image

      rincin kerala 6 years ago

      i think it is more pretty well

    • profile image

      TANMAY 6 years ago

      JUST WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      subia arif 6 years ago

      thanx for giving us a knowlegable information about such topics

    • profile image

      ziken 6 years ago

      ny info,haz helped m a lot cz am abt to teach ths next week

    • profile image

      Anushree Mittal 6 years ago

      Itss Really nyc..

    • profile image

      grace mathew 6 years ago

      Advertising by means of electronic means of communication is most popular way to advertising. One can cover a wide range of audiences of all ages, color and gender by using this mean. Television viewers are in every home. If one is advertising on TV the brand would be introduced in almost every house.

      It is not possible to ignore it .

      not for a minute and not for a second .

    • profile image

      Aslam 6 years ago

      Advertisement is ,,,

    • ershruti304 profile image

      ershruti304 6 years ago from Shimla

      Advertising speaks about your product. Merely producing a product or service will not fetch any profit it is the attraction and necessity that will play the magic for the companies. And for both the purposes advertisement plays an important role. It communicates about the product features and qualities to the target audience and fectch great amount of traffic to your shops or retail outlets.

      Great hub and rightly justified

    • profile image

      JITYA DANIAL 6 years ago


    • CWanamaker profile image

      CWanamaker 6 years ago from Arizona

      You did a great job outlining why branding is important. A good brand name can sell more products than almost any other form of advertising. Great article.

    • profile image

      prabha 6 years ago

      nice bag

    • profile image

      Iza Aftab 6 years ago

      v.nice......and is helpful for me!!!!!

    • anooptmg profile image

      anooptmg 6 years ago from Delhi

      Thanks written information, Advertising is creative field to show your aids infront of public. More ways to represent your product infront of costumer with the help of SEO, SMO & PPC.

    • crystolite profile image

      Emma 7 years ago from Houston TX

      nice info on advertising.Honestly i can t still believe that in this era of computer age the many people don't still know the importance of advert.nice hub that is educating.

    • profile image

      ashrocks 7 years ago

      hey dude!!!! i am very glad tht u wrote dis article... i m in 10th and i wanted 2 read an essay on this topic and this is really amazing....

    • Avesel profile image

      Avesel 7 years ago

      I would also make sure that your advertising is bringing you more than just awareness. You need to make people want your product. I am aware of cancer, war and pain, yet I don't want these things.

    • MDAT profile image

      MDAT 7 years ago from Garland, TX

      Great information Hassam! Breaking down the different means by which advertising is accomplished and then providing us with a true definition was exactly what I was looking for. I think I get confused by what it is to create brand awareness and marketing specific products. Excellent reading..Thank you.

    • profile image

      sylvia annang 7 years ago

      advertising creates new out look for existing brands

    • profile image

      multimastery 7 years ago

      Thanks for pointing out the importance and advantages of advertising. I heard a saying a littile while back that goes something like this.. "Trying to build a business without advertising is like winking at someone in the dark - No one knows what you're doing but you!"

    • profile image

      virk 7 years ago

      THANKYOU for the information posted above ! NO OFFENCE ,but this is not the importance of advertising it is infact the advantages of advertising...YOu should have given it a different angle.Nevertheless, advantages do reflect its importance but the above are the implications..

    • FredIndy profile image

      FredIndy 7 years ago from Queensland

      Like how you've gone on to mention different forms of advertising. Very important to break through the clutter using various targeted forms, as opposed to just sewing the seeds - if there's too much noise surrounding a message, it will never be heard. This is a great look at the bone structure of advertising. Cheers!

    • brianbel profile image

      brianbel 8 years ago

      Brand management is very important and often overlooked.

    • profile image

      naseer 8 years ago

      its really helpful

    • Jackson Riddle profile image

      Jackson Riddle 8 years ago from Melbourne

      I've always suggested to people that follow me that there is a huge importance on building a brand so I'm glad I saw this hub to get a bit more details on the relationship between branding and advertising.

      Great Hub and thanks for writing:)



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