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Importance of Time Management–Time Management Skills

Updated on November 8, 2012

Oh, you are late again! What is your excuse this time for being late? Have you ever been asked such a question? Has your boss ever yelled at you for turning up late at work or for submitting a report after its deadline? Poor time management can make a person to be stressed. Some of us feel guilty when we do not have work to do? Does this mean that we are workaholics? Nay, we literally feel that we are wasting our time and we could have used it to do something that will make us to move one more step forward in life.

There are people who never keep time but will always have an excuse for being late or for not completing their work on time. Working with such people is difficult since they will end up slowing the progress of work. If there is a skill that should be compulsory for every person to acquire then it is time management skills.

There are people who seem to be running out of time while there are those who have too much time. Have you ever complained that time is moving too fast or slow? People who complain that time is moving too fast or too slow are the ones who make worse use of it. Now, you want to disagree with me on this, right? I will clarify this for you and see if it makes any sense.

One minute has got sixty seconds and one hour has got sixty minutes. Since this is a fact, there is no way a minute can be less or more than sixty seconds. There is no way also one hour can be less or more than sixty minutes. What happens when a person complains that time is moving too fast or too slow? There are a number of reasons but I will elaborate only two reasons.

People who complain that time is moving too fast are either busy doing their work since they have good time management skills or they have realized that they have run out of time since they did not manage their time well. On the other hand, those who complain that time is moving too slow are either impatient to wait for something to happen or they have nothing that is keeping them busy.

There is always time for you and me to do whatever we want if only we manage our time properly. Doing the right thing at the right place and at the right time will make us to achieve a lot each day by doing great work. There is so much to be done under the sun. We will do more work in less time if only we make use of time management skills.

Doing the right thing makes a big difference in our lives. Always do things that will enable you to improve your life and avoid doing things that will lead you to self-destruction. There are people who waste their precious time by doing things that lead them to nowhere in life other than making their lives miserable. Take an example of a person who is addicted to alcohol, he either spends most of his working time or the whole day drinking alcohol. What will alcohol help him other than destroying his health and spending a lot of money to buy alcohol that could have been used in doing great things like starting a business or furthering his education?

Realize the importance of time management by always doing the right thing at the right place and at the right time.

Doing the right thing at the right place will enable you not to waste time. If you do the right thing at the wrong place you will end up utilizing time that should be used to do other works. It is very important to ensure that you always do the right thing at the right place so as to manage your time properly.

Do the right thing at the right place at the right time. When you do the right thing at the right place and at right time you will have control of your time. Time will not get out of your control because you will have managed your time well. If you have realized the importance of time management in your life, you will always ensure that you do the right thing at the right place and at the right time.

There are many ways that you can acquire time management skills. Are you aware that the Bible talks about time management? Ecclesiastes 3:1 "For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:"

Importance of Time Management

Time management will always remain to be important no matter what you are doing. I cannot overemphasize its importance beyond what I have listed below.

1.) Time management enables you to achieve goals. You will achieve goals before their deadline.

2.) Time management will enable you to earn money. If you are running a business, you will be able to make more money if only you manage your time well. Benjamin Franklin, "Time is money."

3.) Time management is important since time wasted is never recovered. You will be able to do your tasks according to the time allocated for them. Therefore you will not use time that is meant for doing another work.

4.) Through time management skills you will be able to prioritize tasks. It will enable you to do tasks that matter most first. This will enables you to plan effectively.

5.) You will utilize your mental and physical efforts effectively and efficiently. You will accomplish more in less time.

6.) It will enable you to balance between work and family. You will not find yourself spending a lot of time working while neglecting your family and vice versa.

7.) Time management will enable you not to be fatigued while working. You will have time to rest and this enables you to recover the energy that was utilized to do work.

8.) There will be no stress brought about by the last minutes rush in performing work. No one will pressure you to complete your work since you have already allocated time to complete it before its deadline.

9.) Time management will enable you to create time to do other things apart from working.

10.) It is through time management skills that you are able to employ the available resources to their optimum level. The factors of production cannot be put to use to their optimum level without proper management of time.

What else do you want to add about time management? I will be glad to hear whatever you have to say!


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    • Nyamache profile image

      Joshua Nyamache 5 years ago from Kenya

      @teaches12345, I'm glad to hear that. Work stress is at times brought about by poor time management when it comes to priorities.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      Great advice, Nyamache. I find number 8 changed my life when I finally decided that time was one thing that I needed to work on. If you manage your priorities, then the stress is greatly reduced.

    • Nyamache profile image

      Joshua Nyamache 5 years ago from Kenya

      @JLBender, I agree with you. I appreciate your comment.

    • JLBender profile image

      JLBender 5 years ago from Greensburg, PA

      I agree with you that time management skills are essential to completing goals and surviving every day life. I really love your point about how time management will give you time to rest and recharge. That is extremely important.