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Importance of Training and Development in the Workplace

Updated on August 26, 2015

The business environment is continuously changing with businesses focusing on developing their products and services to operate globally and expand their customers’ competencies in a bid to meet changing demands. To achieve these objectives, they need their human resource to broaden their skills and gain other technical and interpersonal skills. The job tasks and roles are also changing with more organizations expecting employees to perform tasks and undertake responsibilities that were once reserved for management

Training and development is one of the best ways that these businesses can use to sharpen their human resource. This practice involves the employees in these organizations acquiring new competencies that relate to their work and then applying these new skills to their jobs. Training can take various forms such as formal classes, coaching, among other on-the-job and off-the-job training. Regardless of the training approach used, the benefits that accrue to the organization and the employees are numerous. Some of the benefits of training and development in the workplace include increased motivation among employees, increased company performance and job Satisfaction

Training and development is considered as an investment in the personal and professional life of the employees as well as in the performance of any business. It contributes greatly in the future of any business, the performance as well as its productivity.

Organizations have the option of using different approaches and strategies to train and develop their employees in the workplace. By introducing flexible provisions that allow for the practice to take place, the employees are able to develop their skills while also applying what they learn in their jobs. Some of the strategies that can be used include international exchange programs that can facilitate the learning of new skills in different working conditions

The more experienced employees can also be used to mentor and train the rest of the employees. Teamwork, coaching and group discussions can also be used. With these methods special time can be allocated for the learning process to proceed with minimal interference to the work schedule. For these methods to work, a proper structure is needed with plans and strategies made before hand to monitor the progress and identify activities that need to be carried out.

Major advantages of these methods of training are the fact that they are convenient and less costly. However they should be used with caution since they can lead to bad practices being entrenched in the culture of the organization. One way to avoid this from happening is by hiring the services of private tutors and trainers from other companies to come in and carry out the process.

This is beneficial to businesses that are trying to introduce new standards and practices that will improve their current working culture. These tutors are able to introduce and maintain a certain level of integrity with the employees who are then able to learn and develop high skills which they use in their jobs. Instructor led training is more disciplined, professional and effective especially when led by an outsider. The major downside of this approach is its high costs and disruption of the work schedule.

Once a business embraces training and development of its employees, it improves its human resource and the employees are able to carry out different jobs in the company. This improves the performance of the business and its productivity. In overall the business is able to adapt easily to the changing business environment and increasing competition.

In order to continually motivate the employees to take up the opportunities of training and development offered within the organization, the management should offer incentives such as promotions, allowances, added benefits among others. This approach will also ensure that the business does not experience any shortage of skills or professionals when it’s achieving its objectives.


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