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Important tips for job seekers

Updated on September 24, 2012

Landing the right job, or in most cases, landing a job can be an irritating experience. Most of the times, you cannot get to the interview stage, and when you do, you just won’t make past that. While destiny has a role to play in our lives, you just can’t keep depending on it.

If you are a job hunt, here are 10 tips which will keep you in good stead:

  • Make your resume keyword rich- You might have not read this one before, but it is important. In most organizations, resumes go through a screening process by a software. The software looks for keywords relevant to a job opening. It is only the shortlisted resumes which are read by human eyes. In order to get to the human side of the story, it is important to make your resume as keyword rich as possible.
  • Network- Networking is important if you are hoping to find a good job. Connect with organizations on social networks. Don’t limit yourself to companies that have openings. Instead, focus on companies that you would like to work in. You never know when they might have a job opening.
  • Research companies well- Do not skip on research ever. Gather as much information as possible about an organization before an interview, or even before applying. Information comes really handy at the time of interview, and while negotiating salary offers.
  • Keep it honest- Do not fall in the trap of exaggerating facts. Sure, you want to come across as fantastic and worthy of a position. But exaggerating about your achievements, your skills etc. often backfires.
  • Always include a cover letter- You have written a great resume that is keyword rich. But in probability, it will still end up in trash if you do not have a good cover letter backing it. A cover letter acts as a teaser to your resume. Make it as interesting and as worthy as possible.
  • Show confidence- Organizations are always looking for confident people. It is important to portray confidence during an interview, even if it is a telephonic interview. Most people feel nervous before and even during an interview, but is important to overcome that nervousness and show your confidence.
  • Shortlist organizations based on your short term and long term goals- Job hunting isn’t about hunting for a job alone. It is about finding a job that is in sync with your expectations. Shortlist organizations based on your long term and short term goals, apart from other criteria such as commuting distance, work responsibilities etc.
  • Follow-up- It is important to follow up after an interview. Shoot a mail and ask about the decision of the organization. And always keep all communication formal. It will help you in earning brownie points.
  • Explore your alumni network- Scourge through your connections from school and university and see if someone can help you land you a good job. You never know who might help you out. •Be yourself- With all that said, it can quickly come to naught if you are trying to be someone that the interviewer wants you to be. Be yourself, focus on your strengths and leave the rest to destiny. Sooner or later, you will find a good job.


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      6 years ago

      That tip on making your resme keyword rich is interesting. You're definitely right that I've never heard it - bt based on your explanation it makes sense! I was taught that you should start each of your descriptive sentences (like the bulleted ones beneath a title that describe what you do/did at your job) with verbs, and that you should vary those different verbs b/c often people scan over a resme and won't look to the whole sentence. I guess your advice is the 21st century version of the advice I was given!


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