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Improve Employee Satisfaction with Rewards and Motivational Speaking

Updated on November 25, 2011

No matter if you run a business of one or many your employee satisfaction will affect your bottom line. It’s a very simple equation of happy employees being more productive right? If it were that simple there we would all be happy and equally wealthy. However, the human condition makes us unique and one employee’s satisfaction is different from another. To further complicate the matter each business is different. A small business owner working for themselves is different that a company with 5000 employees. You don’t need to be a manager to understand how motivational speaking jobs can improve morale.

If you’re a manager or an entrepreneur like myself you are always looking for better employee satisfaction even if it’s just your own. Speaking from my days working in a large company as “middle management” I was often tasked with the duty of making sure every employee was satisfied. Not an easy task. The best way I found to keep most people happy is to have a set reward structure; I find these appeals to most as it is a clearly defined set of objectives in order to receive an appropriate bonus or reward. It is best then to tailor that program to your specific team. Not everyone appreciates being bought others seeks admiration or public displays of gratitude.

Often employees need to find motivation to make changes in their work lives that will direct them to a more prosperous future, Motivational Speakers can often jump start that process. Every manager or business owner wants all their employees satisfied and progression helps. Motivational Speakers who talk about money, often motivate employees with their work and with their finances.

Initially you will have to gauge your employee satisfaction level which can be daunting if you have a large company, but either way, be prepare to hear about everything that’s wrong. You can do this via an anonymous web survey which tends to yield more data as employees are less fearful to be honest when it’s not known who said what. You can then use this data to drill down to what may be causing friction for your employees.

You can then develop or tailor your employee reward program based on what you find out. If your employees are not happy with their hours develop a flexible hour strategy. Write a hand written letter thanking them for their hard work. If they would like to be promoted introduce them to the person who could be their new manager. There are lots of cost effective ways to keep your employee satisfaction level high

Depending on how large your company is you will have at least one or more employee’s whom you need to keep satisfied and it will affect your bottom line. Whether or not you are a manager or not it’s best to understand how motivational speaking jobs can improve morale. Frequently employees need to uncover their personal motivation in order to make changes in their work performance that will direct them to a more prosperous future, Motivational Speakers will often kick start that process. You can then fine tune your employee reward program. Remember there are lots of low cost ways to keep your employee satisfaction level high as stated above


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