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Improve Your Office Ambiance with White Noise Machines

Updated on February 22, 2013

To many people, the place where we conduct most of our work or duties is not simply an office or a workplace; for many a time, it has also been referred to as a second home. For 8-10 hours a day, professionals and individuals spend their lives here, in a small cubicle or desk, working and finding solutions to their client's problems, requests, concerns, and inquiries. Great things happen here, alongside lonely and stressful undertakings.

The small cubicle or office where you work is witness to all sorts of emotions and experiences; that is why, it would be a wise move for businesses to invest in comfortable and conducive offices. Employees do most of the work around any office and the least a company can do is to provide them with a comfortable place where they can tackle daily challenges.

Improving an office is not something you do mainly for aesthetic purposes. Even corporations like Apple, Google, Skype, and other large tech companies today boast the most beautiful and most colorful offices, because they know that pleasing your workers with a comfortable place to work in will boost their productivity and dedication to the company. Needless to say, happier workers lead to increased productivity, which in turn results to better sales.

Remodeling an office has its pros and cons. For starters, it can get very costly and might disrupt peace in the office while the renovations and construction are going on. When the construction is done, you will still have to deal with workers who might not like the end result. If more employees of yours respond to the remodeling negatively, then your efforts at improving office ambiance could backfire.

When looking to remodel your office, choose designs that are functional and easy on the eyes. Many interior designers today recommend minimalist designs or designs that require little intricacies. Minimalist designs are also affordable and efficient.

Examples of Minimalist Interiors

Renovations and remodeling are not the only methods to improving the productivity of your employees. In fact, changing the ambiance of your office is enough to help your employees keep their concentration on one task at a time. Start improving the ambiance in your office by installing white noise machines.

White noise machines can help increase workplace productivity and encourage a conducive work environment.

White noise may be defined as consistent low-frequency sounds which are capable of shutting out distracting noise. White noise are usually sounds that are present in nature and while you may recognize it as the buzzing of the bees, gushing of the waves, and static sounds, this continuous stream of sound is understood by your brain in a very different and healthy manner. Your brain picks up white noise and uses it to "block" unwanted noise, subconsciously.

You can also protect your clients' and your personal discussions through speech privacy systems.


That is how a third-person, or a listener, hears words coming out of your mouth when you use speech privacy systems while discussing important matters with a client or with someone else. Speech privacy systems, as the name suggests, are tools which were designed to contain confidential sounds often produced when you speak with someone else, by letting a continuous stream of repetitive noise overlap vocal sounds.

White noise can also increase your employees' focus at work and can build a better office ambiance. It is more affordable compared to renovating or rebuilding your office and offer health benefits, as well.


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      3 years ago

      white noise is becoming more and more popular nowadays. it´s really interesting what it does to you. I would have never thought that something such as white noise could even have an influence on the human brain.

      Instead of buying myself a white noise machine, I decided to see if I could get anything online. And there are several online videos doing exactly that. Here´s one of them, in case you´re interested:


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