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Improve Your Social, Business & Love Life With Facebook!

Updated on August 18, 2011

Discover how you can improve your social life, grow your business, get more leads, and find your love match through Facebook, the #1 social media website that has 60 million users!


1. Facebook Signup

First things first, if you want to be the receiver of any of the benefits listed above you will need to sign up for a Facebook account. Click here to sign up.

If you already have an FB account simply login and get ready for the next step.


2. Facebook Housekeeping

Once you have an account set up you should ensure you that it is secure and protects your privacy. You can do this by going to privacy settings and customizing them.


Things I Share

Here you should set everything except your bio to 'Friends Only.' For your bio and favorite things I would set it to 'Everyone,' this allows people who are browsing Facebook to see your bio and if they like what they read they could request friendship/partnership.

However, for your birthday, if you don't want people to know how old you are you can set it to 'Me Only!'


Things Others Share

It's up to you what you choose but 'Friends Only' is sufficient, unless you want to know what your friends' friends are doing!


Contact Information

I would recommend that you keep your address and telephone number private by customizing it to 'Only Me',


Your Photo & Bio

So that the world knows who you are and your friends can find you it is good idea to upload a picture of yourself and write a short bio about your life, interests and hobbies..

Improve Your Social Life With Facebook

Find Friends

Facebook is an excellent tool to help you find friends who you may have lost contact with, and would like to connect to again. You can find family members, school friends, co-workers, or acquaintances who will become your facebook friends.

FB offers a variety of way to find friends through Friend Finder,Classmate Search, Co-workers search and name search.

Make New Friends

FB is also a great way to make new friends. What's so good about Facebook is that you can browse profiles and find people who have the same interests, hobbies and likes as you.

Other ways to make new friends is by

  • Joining groups of interest
  • Joining interactive games, like farmville and
  • Adding apps which usually have forums where you can introduce yourself, and talk about the app and anything else you have in common.

Grow Your Business With Facebook

If you have a local, online, entertainment, multi level marketing or networking business, Facebook could help you broaden the horizons of your business and through viral marketing get your brand known worldwide.

1. First of all sign-up for a FB account, but ensure that it is an account that will be dedicated to your business and is separate to your personal Facebook account

2. FB has various applications that can assist in marketing your business. If you have a product or service you wish to market use FB's Market Place. It is an online market with a reach of approximately 600 million users. That's a massive market; can you imagine the potential?

3. There are literally hundreds of apps available for you to use to promote your business; applications such as business card apps, shop buddy, the visa business and iSpace to customize your facebook page to name a few. Through your apps you could send updates, bulletins and messages to your friends to keep them informed on the latest news about your business.

4. You can also create a Facebook page within a choice of 6 categories, ranging from local business, company, brand or product, artist, entertainment or a cause. In the usual way you will market your page to your friends by sending them a joining link. You can also tweet page link and add it to the search engines so that it will get indexed and show up in the search results.

5. Another method to marketing your business is through Facebook Groups. You could start a group to which you invite as many people as possible to join. Link your FB group page to your business website which should have more in depth information on the services/products you offer. Once again you can post updates and send messages to your group members to give them the latest news.

6. Facebook has an advertising facility where you can advertise your product or service to anyone Facebook. Your ad can be tailored demographically and specifically to people who would be interested in your product or service. For example, an advert on weight loss can be targeted to people who have expressed an interest in losing weight.

7. Use the Notes page to upload any articles or blogs your have written. Tag friends to the Note and remember to add your affiliate link so that you get more exposure. The Note has a viral effect in that it will not only be seen by your friends but also friends of your friends.

8. Whatever you do, make sure that you visit your Facebook business account every day. Open up a debate or discussion forum that your friends can get involved and voice their views, ask open questions that your friends can answer and ask for suggestions. These marketing tools will keep you in touch with your friends and will help your business to grow.

Facebook Business Account Tips & Warnings

  • On your Facebook wall remove any personal comments as these can detract from the professionalism of your business.
  • A great tip is to offer discounts to your products/service to your FB friends via a discount voucher they can redeem or
  • offer a freebie, everyone loves a free gift, e.g. buy one get one free!

Find Love On Facebook

A poll carried out by One Poll showed that social networking sites have taken over from the supermarkets, pubs, and nightclubs as the most popular places to find love.

The poll found that 57 per cent of participants admitted they are more confident communicating with a potential suitor online.

39% said they preferred the method as it allowed them to get to know someone before meeting them. And 27% felt that by using social networking sites they could cut down the time to find love as compared to having meet a prospective partner in the traditional way.

According to 44% of those questioned It is considered 'cool' to find love via an online

So how do you find love on Facebook? Well, first you must have an FB account/page. Next you should upload your best picture to your FB profile and write a bio that would appeal to browsers you think would find you attractive.

When you open a Facebook account you have the option to choose whether you are interested in 'men,' women,' 'dating' and of course whether you are single.

To find a love match that has the same interests you should browse Facebook groups and join groups with members who match your criteria, and strike up a discussion with anyone that takes your fancy! 

Facebook applications is another tool you can use to find love, for example 'Girls Date for Free' has 819,000 active monthly members! Join them and get connected.


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